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[Preview 4YFN] Bam Haneul Geurim Jari Participates in ‘4YFN’ with 3D animation ‘Albi and Mela’

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‘Bam Haneul Geurim Jari Co., Ltd’, supported by the Smart Venture Campus participates in ‘4YFN (4 Years From Now)’, a global start-up fair jointly held with MWC 2018, to introduce 3D animation ‘Albi and Mela’, from Feb. 26(Mon) to Feb. 28(Wed).

‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ selected only excellent companies among ‘4YFN’ exhibitors, and selected companies will be given opportunities to press pitch with foreign journalists such as USA, China and Germany. Furthermore, it becomes the subject of Top3 selected.

Bam Haneul Geurim Jari has been concentrating on animation creative works since its establishment in 2015, and has accumulated know-how on creative planning, production, management and animation business while producing dozens of commercial films and broadcasting animations. Bam Haneul Geurim Jari focuses on the harmonious combination of animation and brand success, along with the motto of ‘CREATIVE with business and impression that coexists together’. Furthermore, it is devotes to the creation and production commercialization of contents planning, which is recognized in the world.

The feature of this animation is that it utilizes differentiated character such as ‘Angry Bird’. It is based on the motif of the ‘Honduras White Bats’, a popular pet from overseas, on the basis of the fact that it is familiar but rare. Developed idea products using the concept of ‘upside down’ that is different from human, and mutually secured three kinds of media contents such as animation, game, and cooking. This resulted in the creation of synergy.

Lee Hyun-ki and CEO of Bam Haneul Geurim Jari said, “Disney admires the CEO of Walt Disney. It is impressive that Disney is expanding into entertainment as well as animation, and commercializing it with thorough preparations.”

In terms of network construction, Lee said, “We plan to hold meetings with various foreign countries to build a network,” Lee said. “We will conduct close discussions with appropriate licensing and toy developers in line with our commercialization strategy.” In addition, he said, “We plan to start public relations activities for pre-sales consultation through meetings with overseas broadcasting officials and agents prior to production.” Finally, he said, “We are actively participating in many exhibitions at home and abroad, and are planning to expand local broadcasting and global broadcasting channels.”

On the other hand, the Smart Venture Campus, which is in the process of supporting companies, runs a variety of projects to discover and nurture talented young CEOs and specialists in the areas of apps, web, contents, SW, and convergence. It also helps promote the start-up of a pre-founder with a creative identity and actively supports the growth of early-start companies. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top domestic companies.

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