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[Preview 4YFN] Coresight Participates in ‘4YFN’ as ‘Game Analysis Solution’

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‘Coresight’, supported by the Smart Venture Campus participates in ‘4YFN (4 Years From Now)’, a global start-up fair jointly held with MWC 2018, to introduce game analysis solution from Feb. 26(Mon) to Feb. 28(Wed).

‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ selected only excellent companies among ‘4YFN’ exhibitors, and selected companies will be given opportunities to press pitch with foreign journalists such as USAh, Cina and Germany. Furthermore, it becomes the subject of Top3 selected by global media.

Coresight is a company that uses real-time distributed processing technology to collect large amounts of game-related logs such as purchase records, level-up information, and server economic logs to process large amounts of game data. It collects the main action patterns from the game entry to the departure of the user and provides the analysis information of the fun in game in real time through the optimization analysis based on the collected big data.

The Coresight system features: △ In-game deep data analysis and visualization △ Cohort analysis and user analysis subdivision △ Real-time index analysis △ Breakout analysis and contents consumption analysis △ In-game resource chart that can grasp at a glance △ Source log viewer service.

“Coresight has completed its game analysis solution and will be aggressive sales based on investment in Pre Series A,” an official said. “We are aiming to enter the Chinese game market based on our reference in Korea.”

“The director of NC Soft is my mentor,” said Jeon Min-ki, the director of Coresight. “We want to be a respected company in the game industry as we expand our scale based on NC Soft, which we think is cool in games.” He also said, “We plan to concentrate on the Chinese game market, which is 8 times bigger than Korea, based on the Korean market reference in order to expand the scale.” After the entry into China, we aim to expand the service to East Asia.” Currently, Coresight is looking for investors and VCs, saying that it is time to invest.

On the other hand, the Smart Venture Campus, which is in the process of supporting companies, runs a variety of projects to discover and nurture talented young CEOs and specialists in the areas of apps, web, contents, SW, and convergence. It also helps promote the start-up of a pre-founder with a creative identity and actively supports the growth of early-start companies. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top domestic companies.

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