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[4YFN Preview] GOQUAL, participates in 4YFN with a smart lighting switch and integrated solution

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‘GOQUAL’은 supported by the Smart Venture Campus participates in ‘4YFN (4 Years From Now)’, a global start-up fair jointly held with MWC 2018, to introduce a customized pediatric body temperature management service called ‘Fever Coach’ from Feb. 26(Mon) to Feb. 28(Wed).

‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ selected only excellent companies among ‘4YFN’ exhibitors, and selected companies will be given opportunities to press pitch with foreign journalists such as USA, China and Germany. Furthermore, it becomes the subject of Top3 selected by global media.

GOQUAL is a group of smart home experts. The company develops a products for all the people to enjoy easily a convenient smart home without a burden. The company has been studying smart home for a long time with a way of open platform-oriented, and especially concentrated on smart lighting switch study, and developed the smart lighting switch.

The company has been acknowledged its technology and potential while getting invested with seed capital, and already secured a stable production lines after attracting investment from a traditional manufacturing company in 43 years. GOQUAL will introduce smart home total managing system together, starting from switch by integrating various products and sensors, this year.

GOQUAL currently owns lighting switches in all sizes and types in and out of Korea. Smart switch can be connected with Wall-Pad, and it is possible to connect it independently with Internet and control it by an app or website. In addition, it is designed to install the antenna externally, so wireless performance is excellent. The products of GOQUAL show proudly its great quality by using PC materials and the material of the highest resistance grade to flame, and also have a competitive price with 20% lower price in comparison to other companies.

GOQUAL is sending a message that they are looking for a partner who can sell a smart home packaging rather than B2C. An official said “it is a convenient way to provide smart home to customers by installing it at once when apartments and houses are built.”

Woo Sang-bum, CEO of GOQUAL, “I admire Jeffrey Preston Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who has been making a break-through endlessly” and “GOQUAL is trying to prepare for the future by following his footsteps.” He subsequently said, “we are studying a system to provide a more convenient service to customers once again by analyzing the information sensed in the product and customers’ data.”

He answered a question about business partners, “we are looking for a partner to enter the markets of Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe.” He also declared “we have a plan to enter the European market through this exhibition as an opportunity.”

On the other hand, the Smart Venture Campus, which is in the process of supporting companies, runs a variety of projects to discover and nurture talented young CEOs and specialists in the areas of apps, web, contents, SW, and convergence. It also helps promote the start-up of a pre-founder with a creative identity and actively supports the growth of early-start companies. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top domestic companies.

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