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[MWC 2018] Limebike, introduced ‘LimeBike’, a Carbon-Free Series with Smart Batteries

Limebike have participated in the ‘MWC 2018 Digital Experience ‘that was held on Feb 26th (Mon) in Barcelona, Spain, and introduced Smart Bike ‘LimeBike’ Series.

(Photo Description: ‘LimeBike’ series)

Limebike says people are looking for transportation around the neighborhood to reduce CO2 in a more accessible and convenient way. It provides sustainable solutions for transportation, seeking changes to protect the Earth with future generations. How to use Limebike is to download the ‘ LimeBike ‘ app with a smartphone, go to nearby bike sites using GPS and ride through the ‘ Unlock ‘ feature. After enjoying riding, simply use the app to go to the designated place and finish riding.

(Photo Description: ‘LimeBike E+’)

In addition, it has released a bike that uses the torque applied to the pedals called Limebike E + to transfer electricity to smart motors to drive. It can travel up to 62 miles on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 14.8 mph on a lithium battery.

(Photo Description: ‘LimeBike S+’)

They also released a means of transpotarion that makes it very easy and enjoyable to travel around the neighborhood. LimeBike S+is a scooter model that takes anywhere you want to go using a 250-watt motor just by pressing a button.

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(Photo Description: From left to right ‘LimeBike S+’, ‘LimeBike’, ‘LimeBike E+’)

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