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[BEST OF MIK MWC] MAETEL introduced ‘PillowSofit’, the Automatically Customized Smart Pillow

MAETEL have participate in ‘MWC 2018(Mobile World Congress)’, that was held in Barcelona, Spain from Feb. 26th(Mon) to Mar. 1st(Thu) and was selected as ‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’.

(Photo Description: MAETEL nominated by ‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’)

MAETEL, which was selected as the ‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’, introduced smart pillow ‘PillowSofit on this day at the exhibition.

(Photo Description: Smart Pillow ‘PillowSofit’)

‘PillowSofit’, automatically adjusts to the pillow height that has been customized to the user’s body type, and this is a smart pillow that helps to stop the snoring to not interfere the snoring, when the snoring occurs while sleeping.

It constantly monitors the sleep of the user, and through the application, the sleep pattern such as, sleeping timeㆍ waking time can be identified. Also, you can record the sleeping environment to check the snoringㆍsleep talkingㆍsleep interfering sound directly. Based on this data, it suggests a sleep advice by analyzing the sleep of the user, so that you could have a better sleep

The CEO Jung Gee said, “As a new smart pillow that breaks the frame of the existing pillow, it will be enough with one ‘PillowSofit’ without buying a pillow several times due to unfitness of the pillow”. MAETEL is the third Korean company to acquire seed investment from Global Venture Capital SOSV and to enter HAX, a global hardware accelerator based in Shenzhen, China. MAETEL will launch “Filo Soffit” in the first half of 2018 through Kick Starter, a US Crowd Funding platform.

(Photo Description: Smart Pillow ‘PillowSofit’)

‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’ is the one that have selected the promising company among the participating companies in MWC 2018, and the selected companies have opportunity to do press pitching with foreign journalists from United States, China, Germany and others in MWC 2018, and furthermore, they will be the Top3 that global media selects.

‘Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center’ that is on support, progresses marketing support business for the international authorized qualification business, research & development business, technology support business global market advancement including new business global competitiveness strengthening business. Like this, it is providing high quality service to the companies by constructing various solution support systems. Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center’, plans to support the Korea’s promising companies in this MWC 2018 as well.

Meanwhile, the Global News Network, Aving News reported the most issues of CES, MWC, and IFA, which are world’s top three tech exhibitions, during last 11 years. It is sending special reporters to MWC for this year as well; reporting major issues in the world market and introduce Korea’s major companies all over the world. Currently, Aving News is covering and reporting more than 300~1000 overseas exhibition news every year.

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(Photo Description: ‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’ nominated MAETEL)

(Photo Description: ‘best of mik @ mwc 2018’ nominated MAETEL)

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