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[Green Energy EXPO Preview] JBC Co., Ltd. will introduce a Large Output of Single Crystal Solar Module

JBC Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Du-hee) will participate in ‘International Green Expo & Conference 2018’ at EXCO in Daegu from April 4 to 6 on behalf of official franchise of JinkoSolar and introduce a large output of single crystal solar module.

JinkoSolar has remained the top module manufacturer for two years in a row, providing modules and services to more than 80 countries around the world. In 2017, they provided Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, with 1.2 GW of modules which is the largest scale as a single site, and re-recognised JinkoSolar as the world’s No. 1 company.

JinkoSolar’s single crystal module applies the 5-bus bar and PERC technology to produce a higher output than the same size, and also maintains good performance in low-light environments. As it is rated as IP67, it can also be installed on water and desert topography, and its durability against extreme environment has also been verified by passing the TUV test for PID reduction guarantee and salt and ammonia corrosion. It also carries a 10-year guarantee and a 25-year output guarantee, making them the only domestic retailer to secure the trust in their business and products with their presence in reinsurance (Backedwarranty).

Based on the JinkoSolar’s world-class technology and competitiveness, JBC CO., LTD offers the best service available to their Korean customers. An official said: “It is true that the Korean market was lack of publicity compared to the overseas market. we will make efforts to provide the World Class Module to local consumers at a reasonable price.”

JinkoSolar’s single crystal module, currently available in Korea, has a maximum output of 370W per 72 cells, and is 19.08 % more efficient.

On the other hand, ‘International Green Energy Expo’ is an international trade exhibition, which is hosted by Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and supervised by EXCO Corporation, Korean New&Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and KOTRA. This is the event that global companies participate in and support officially and has been also chosen by PHOTON-international and recognized as “World Top 10 solar light generation specialty exhibition. This event attracts a great number of domestic and foreign buyers and professional visitors who have real purchasing power, which achieves high business results every year (Photo description: The second factory front view of Ebisu Industry company).

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