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The Largest Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show ‘KIMES 2018’ Opens Up

The 34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2018) to improve Public Health, Development of Medical Technology, and the Revitalization of Healthcare and Hospital was held today (15th) at Main Hall of COEX, Samsung-dong, Seoul.

In the opening, Health and Welfare Committee Member Park In-sook, Health and Welfare Minister Park Neung-hoo, Food and Drug Administration Minister Ryu Young-jin, Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Seung-wook, KOTRA Strategic Operations Director Kim Doo-young, Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency Director Lee Yeong-chan, Health Insurance Review Committee Chairman Kim Seung-taek, Director of the Advanced Health Care Industry Promotion Foundation Park Gu-seon, Chairman of Korean Medical Association, Choo Moo-jin, David Gossack, Executive Director of the Embassy of the United States in, Commander of the Armed Forces Command Ahn Jong-Sung, President of the Korean Association of Women’s Doctors Kim Bong-ok, Director of the Information Technology Support Center at the National Medical Devices Center Chung Hee-kyo, Chairman of the medical newspaper Park Yeon-joon, Chairman of the Korean Medical Devices Association Shin Dong-jin, Chairman of the association Kim Myo-won, President of the Korea Digital Hospital Export Business Association Lee Seung-mook, Chairman of the Korean Medical Devices Association Formosa Lu, Director of the National Cancer Center Lee Eun-sook, Director of the Medical Center at Eulji-ro University Lee Seung-hoon, President of Seoul Asan Medical Center Kim Jong-jae, President of DKMedical Solutions Lee Chang-kyu, President of GE Healthcare Francis Van Parys, Chairman of Bitcomputer Jo Hyun-jung, Chairman of Korea E&EX Kim Choong-han, Chairman of the Korean Medical Equipment Industry Cooperative Federation Lee Jae-hwa, Chairman of the Korea Medical Devices Industry Association Lee Kyung-kuk, and other related companies attended the event.

KIMES 2018 jointly held by Korea E&EX, Korean Federation of Medical Devices Industries, and Korean Association of Medical Devices Industries, and supported by organizations and relative agencies such as The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, KOTRA, the Korean Medical Industry Agency, the Korean Medical Association, the Korean Association of Women doctors, the Korean Medical Nurses Association, and the Korea Medical Devices Association, and Medical Newspaper will be held on the first and third floors of COEX exhibition hall and 40,122 ㎡ of grand ballrooms and lobby.

This KIMES 2018, that is held with the theme of “Think the Future”, will be attended by 1,313 companies from 34 countries, such as 117 companies from U.S., 165 companies from China, 90 companies from Germany, 53 companies from Japan, 50 companies from Taiwan, 25 companies from Italy, 17 companies from Switzerland, 14 companies from U.K., 13 companies from France, including 694 Korea’s manufacturing companies, and will exhibit and introduce 30,000 items such as high-tech medical devices, hospital facilities, medical information systems, healthcare, rehabilitation equipment, and medical related supplies.

In particular, there will be participation by Korea’s Professional Engineer Diagnostic Imaging Companies such as Korea’s Samsung Electronics/Samsung madison, DK Medical System, Listem, Medien International, Aplinion Medical System, LG Electronics, SG Healthcare, and global companies such as GE Healthcare, PHILIPS, and representative companies from home and abroad will participate, such as Hanshin Medical of Healthcare In-body, Selbas Healthcare, Disinfector, Bit Computer of Medical Information, JVM that produces infinite Healthcare, Ubcare, and Medication Packaging Devices, Daesung Maref of Physical Therapy Unit, Stratek, Lutronic of Laser Treatment Device, and Insung medical of Medical Supplies.

Additionally, the latest gadget medical device display that is receiving attention in the global medical market is now on display in KIMES 2018. KIMES 2018 offers a wide range of applications including clean sterilization robots for medical treatment, artificial joint surgery robots, walking aids and robot rehabilitation systems to view various products and provide a wide range of services, and operates the ‘Rehabilitation Robot Special Hall’ in the B Hall. A seminar will be held to share medical 3D printer technologies and use cases, and local and foreign 3D printer manufacturers can participate in the 3D printing interviews to directly report on the various 3D printed parts used for cancer surgeries and medical applications such as endoscopes, and ‘3D Printer and Imaging Special Hall’ is operated in the D Hall.

It is expected that 76,000 people from Korea and 3,500 overseas buyers from 80 countries will visit Korea during exhibition period, and through this exhibition, and this exhibition is expected to not only help the effect of import substitution but also enhance exports by reconfirming the excellence of our products through 2 trillion won in domestic sales counseling and more than $ 570 million in export counseling.

Other major exhibition information companies include 192 medical devices for examination and diagnosis, 54 for clinical and medical devices, 89 for radiation-related medical devices, 141 for surgical operations, 121 for medical treatment devices, 220 rehabilitation medical and physical therapy devices, 19 eye care providers, 26 dental devices, 42 central supply offices, 110 hospital facilities and emergency equipment companies, 47 medical information systems, 11 oriental medicine equipment, 261 skin care and health devices, and in addition, various medical companies including pharmaceutical, medical components, medical services, and medical supplies will participate in the exhibition to introduce many new products that reflect changes in the health care environment.

To increase the convenience and display effectiveness of visitors, the first floor A Hall is for ‘Therapeutic and Medical Information Booth’, the B Hall, the Grand Ballroom and the Lobby are the ‘Healthcare and Rehabilitation Facility Booth’, the third floor C Hall is the ‘Testing and Diagnostic Device Booth’, the D Hall is divided into ‘Diagnostic and Hospital Equipment Booth’. It has also created a ‘Special Hall for Medical Device Parts’, which is becoming increasingly popular at A4 Hall.

In particular, KIMES exhibit every year to find out the beneficiaries who contributed to the development of the medical device industry and to promote the export of medical equipment and hospitals in order to improve the level of the exhibition and to promote the medical equipment industry. KIMES award ceremony will be selected by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy (2), the Minister of Health and Welfare (3), and the Food and Drug Safety Director (2).

Following last year, the Global Medical Devices Export Advisory Council (GMEP 2018) was held at E Hall on the 3rd floor of COEX on Friday in conjunction with KIMES. GMEP, which marks its 11th anniversary this year, is a representative convergence conference/presentation in medical biology organized by KOTRA. At this event, we will meet the buyers of 139 companies in 65 countries, including the invitation counseling for buyers of medical devices worldwide, the consultation for advancing into public procurement, and the consultation for health care projects, 364 companies, including 225 Korean companies, will participate.

Also, from March 13 to 14, the European Union Health Care Medical Service program, which will be held at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel, will be held in conjunction with the European Union Health Care Technical Inter-Communication program to attract technical briefing sessions and exchanges in Indonesia and Vietnam, and have invited the heads of medical organizations, government officials and hospital officials from each country to show the nation`s improved medical standards.

During the exhibition, with the start of a keynote by Brett Knappe(Vice President of Medtronic USA) by the theme of ‘Health Care Market Growth and Development of Medical Devices Technologies’, which will be held on Mar. 15th in Room 307, COEX conference Center, and the conference will be held from March 15 to 18 with a total of 170 themes including the International Conference on Radiological Surgery, the Seoul Metropolitan City Physiotherapy Society Conference, and the Korean Society of Clinical Ultrasound to provide high-quality medical information to specialists and healthcare professionals.

In local municipal governments, people from Wonju, Gyeongsangnam-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, Daegu, Gwangju, and O-Song joined the event by organizing a joint booth, and for foreign booth (Pavillion), will include China, Taiwan, and Pakistan to provide information specialized to each country.

Especially in KIMES 2018, The institution operates a special institution to help businesses with creative skills and reach the global market through cooperation with businesses through ‘Beauty Care Zone’, by reflecting the rapidly growing trend of beauty care market applied with recent IT technology.

For convenience in communicating with foreign language service providers visiting KIMES, KIMES provides free translation services at its foreign language translation center, and for the convenience of visitors, it will also operate free shuttle buses between Suseo Station (SRT), Seoul Station / Yongsan Station (KTX), Songpa Tancheon Parking Lot and COEX.
In addition, Korea E&EX, as KIMES is the largest medical exhibition in Korea, it contributes to the development of the medical industry through the development of the related departments ‘ reverse training and the discovery of outstanding human resources, and since 2014, the organization has continuously offered scholarships to students in the medical and engineering departments.
Opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will be displayed on Saturdays and Sundays for medical patients who work in the local area. Tickets are 10,000 won, and are free to enter when registering before through the KIMES homepage until March 13.

For more information, visit Korea E&EX KIMES 2018 Office or the website of the host of the exhibition.

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