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[KIMES 2018] A-MI GLOBAL, unveiled ‘Hot-Cold Wearing Machine’ used by turning on Microwave

A-MI GLOBAL CO., LTD.,(CEO Yoo Sil-geun) have participated ‘The 34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (hereinafter referred to as, KIMES 2018)’ from Mar.15th (Thu) to 18th (Sun) and introduced ‘Hot-Cold Wearing Machine.’

A-MI GLOBAL’s leading brand ‘Dr.Med’ is a product developed by orthopedic surgeons and physicians. It is ergonomic, comfortable fit, superior quality auxiliary and protector brand. It is divided into four stages from ‘weak’ to ‘very strong’ according to the support strength, and it consists of various products ranging from injury prevention to rehabilitation after surgery. Dr. Med products have passed the evaluation of the National Health Insurance Review and Assessment Agency, and are a professional brand registered for the treatment material non-payment insurance.

In this exhibition, they showed ‘hot-cold wearing machine’ to be turned on microwave oven. It is practical because it can be easily turned into a microwave oven when you need warming. In the case of cold pack, there is a pad on the ice pack, so it is possible to partially fill the desired area. The official said, “The concept of auxiliary and protector is not established for the general public,” he said. “I hope this exhibition will be a place for new communication with intermediate users and consumers.” They are also actively participating in overseas medical exhibitions such as Dubai and Germany, and can also meet at KIMES next year.

On the other hand, KIMES is Korea’s largest medical equipment and hospital facility exhibition which has grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry since its opening in 1980. The nation`s medical industry is now transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry, with medical information systems, ultrasound detectors and imaging medical devices, robotic medicine, AI and rehabilitation drugs. As KIMES contributes to the advancement of the Korean medical industry, it has become a world-class medical exhibition. At this exhibition, the participants will showcase new technologies and products from the medical industry, including high-tech hospital facilities, IT-enabled medical information systems, and the automotive industry for rapid patient transportation.

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