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[KIMES 2018] JM TECH KOREA, introduced Non-surgical Spine Disc Treatment System ‘Robotic-ATT’

JM Tech Korea Co., Ltd., (CEO Kim Woo-Seop) have participated ‘The 34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (hereinafter referred to as, KIMES 2018)’ from Mar.15th (Thu) to 18th (Sun) and presented ‘Robotic-ATT’.

JM Tech Korea is a company that distributes spinal non-surgical treatment products for 7 years, and it covers disc, stenosis and scoliosis patients. Currently, it is the Asia distributor of ‘Robotic-ATT’ from Spinetronics in the USA. ‘Robotic-ATT’ is a non-invasive spinal disc treatment system that is optimized for treating neck and waist discs. Precisely calculated decompression treatment and spinal articulated robot are combined with hydrotherapy to enable dynamic treatment of various postures.

When a degenerative disc occurs, fluid, moisture, and the like are pressed by gravity and receive a distorted force. In the worst case, the disc can cause malfunction in everyday life. ‘Robotic-ATT’ is a revolutionary non-surgical spine therapy that can be used both as lumbar and cervical (3D Cervical, Lumbar) and induces depressurization when muscles relax. Two harness belt devices separate the thoracic and lumbar spine, and the Robot frequency treatment is progressed.

Calibration has been demonstrated for the elderly and disabled, for patients, and for the deformation of the adolescent spine. It is a U.S. FDA Safety Certification, and is well known in the field of degenerative disk regeneration and restoration. The officials of the company said, “We want to import parts of the equipment modules to handle domestic manufacturing” and added, “We are also considering making inroads into the European market in consultation with the United States”.  He also commented, “We positively evaluate the exhibition atmosphere and have plans to participate next year as well”.

On the other hand, KIMES is Korea’s largest medical equipment and hospital facility exhibition which has grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry since its opening in 1980. The nation`s medical industry is now transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry, with medical information systems, ultrasound detectors and imaging medical devices, robotic medicine, AI and rehabilitation drugs. As KIMES contributes to the advancement of the Korean medical industry, it has become a world-class medical exhibition. At this exhibition, the participants will showcase new technologies and products from the medical industry, including high-tech hospital facilities, IT-enabled medical information systems, and the automotive industry for rapid patient transportation.

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