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[KIMES 2018] YOUNG-IN Medical Co., Ltd. showcasing a Massage Machine Effective for a Manual Therapeutic Exercise and Management of Body Type

YOUNG-IN Medical Co., Ltd. (CEO, Kim Young-ho) participated in ‘34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2018)’ at COEX from March 15 to 18 and showcased a vibratory massage machine and a stimulator.

YOUNG-IN Medical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical devices that practise quality of products and customer management, and to zeroise A/S. The new model, TODAK+IN – T10, uses the SASO wave and light to massage the area needed powerfully and gently. The 7 applicators that can be used selectively make a user to get a massage comfortably, including the healing handpiece and stimulation by rolling vibration. It provides an upgraded massage that is combined with manual therapeutic exercise and body type management system.

‘IN-CP100’ is a physical therapy machine manufactured by YOUNG-IN Medical Co., Ltd. and used for rehabilitation and recovery from surgery. It is composed of a motor-operated orthopaedic exercise stationary and a low-frequency stimulus stationary and is effective in rebuilding muscles and exercising joints. It also alleviates muscle pain by the low-frequency electric current. ‘IN-M250’ is a microwave stimulator and is operated by the microprocessor (MCU) and a peripheral device. An official said: “We are exploring overseas markets such as Beijing, Singapore, and Dubai, and we hope that the Korean medical appliance market will be activated so that it can positively to be considered importing Korean medical devices overseas”.

On the other hand, KIMES is Korea’s largest medical equipment and hospital facility exhibition which has grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry since its opening in 1980. The nation`s medical industry is now transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry, with medical information systems, ultrasound detectors and imaging medical devices, robotic medicine, AI and rehabilitation drugs. As KIMES contributes to the advancement of the Korean medical industry, it has become a world-class medical exhibition. At this exhibition, the participants will showcase new technologies and products from the medical industry, including high-tech hospital facilities, IT-enabled medical information systems, and the automotive industry for rapid patient transportation.


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