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[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Asia’s Small Europe, ‘Macau Government Tourism Organization’ that will introduce Macau Tour

Macau Government Tourism Organization will participate in ‘Healing Fair 2018’ from April 6 to 8 at the exhibition hall of YangJae aT Centre in Seoul and promote Macau which is the center of world tourism and leisure.

Macau Government Tourism Organization is operating Korea Office since 1993, and is responsible for making Macau widely known through 16 offices around the world. It is also leading the development of tourism industry with its partners in and out of Macau, providing tourism information and convenience to tourists visiting Macau, and promoting tourism in Macau and promoting its image promotion activities.

Macau, called “Little Europe in the East”, is a city full of spectacular performances and attractions for men, women and children. Macau, a city created by Eastern and Western cultures, is also rich in expression followed by smaller Europe in Asia and Las Vegas in the East. It has more than 30 World Heritage Sites, making it a more attractive travel destination to explore European architecture and the different attractions of the Orient.

Luxury resorts that have more diverse attractions, theme parks, and water-class pools are popular not only as family destinations but also as family destinations. In particular, it is a popular destination for young people in their 20s and 30s as they can enjoy a variety of food products from the East and West, including the Macanese cooking, only found in Macau.

Healing Fair is the only Korean healing theme exhibition to offer excellent healing products and services as well as set the new trend of healing industry and culture. It consists of 5 exhibition theme zones specialized in healing by industry, including healing food, healing beauty, healing play, healing city & tour, and healing living. In addition, various experience programs will be held at the same time and offer pleasure for visitors.

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