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[KIMES 2018 Video] SELVAS Healthcare introducing ‘ACCUNIQ BP250’, a Full-automatic Blood Pressure Gauge and ‘ACCUNIQ BC380’, a Body Fat Gauge

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SELVAS Healthcare participated in ‘34th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2018)’ at COEX from March 15 to 18 and introduced ‘ACCUNIQ BP250’, a full-automatic blood pressure gauge and ‘ACCUNIQ BC380’, a body fat gauge.

‘ACCUNIQ BP250’, a full-automatic blood pressure gauge can be measured with only one touch function, and it is easy to manage data using mobile devices by recognizing QR codes on the 7-inch wide colour LCD screen as well as the result sheet output. It also has a built-in voice guidance program and emergency safety device, and a high-speed printer enables quick printing output.

(Picture: ‘ACCUNIQ BP250’, a full-automatic blood pressure gauge)

‘ACCUNIQ BC380’, a body fat gauge is a smart body analyser that can analyse body composition through precise physical data measurement. It is easy to operate with a 7-inch wide colour touchscreen and a convenient keypad. In addition, measurements are automatically started by grasping the handle without having to press a separate button with improved grip. After a measurement, the user’s body is easily identified by the measurement data and by the various resulting items.


(Picture: ‘ACCUNIQ BC380’, a body fat gauge)

On the other hand, KIMES is Korea’s largest medical equipment and hospital facility exhibition which has grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry since its opening in 1980. The nation`s medical industry is now transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry, with medical information systems, ultrasound detectors and imaging medical devices, robotic medicine, AI and rehabilitation drugs. As KIMES contributes to the advancement of the Korean medical industry, it has become a world-class medical exhibition. At this exhibition, the participants will showcase new technologies and products from the medical industry, including high-tech hospital facilities, IT-enabled medical information systems, and the automotive industry for rapid patient transportation.


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