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[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] Jellanam-do will introduce Clean Agriculture and Fishery Food, Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association

Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association will participate in ‘Healing Fair 2018’ from April 6 to 8 at the exhibition hall of YangJae aT Centre in Seoul and introduce Joint Brand Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association.

Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association, which means that it could feel the unique taste and smell of Jeollanam-do, is a joint brand of companies located in Jeollanam-do, which is prepared to advance Jeollanam-do’s clean agricultural and fisheries products to Chinese market by providing various comprehensive counsulting to SME’s in Jeollanam-do according to Korea-China FTA.

Since Jeollanam-do has the poor business structure focused on SME, by pointing out that there is a limit to secure competitiveness in a rapidly changing global market, Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association is progressing ‘Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association ‘ as joint brand business of Jeonnam Export Cooperation in a way to overcome this. Through the communication and cooperation between the joint brands participating companies, the development and market competitiveness in domestic and overseas of Jeonnam Export Cooperation is being strengthened.

(Photo Description: The President Hwang Jong-Yul, of Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association)

The President of Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association, Hwang Jong-Yul said, “It is not easy thing for Korean agricultural and fisheries products to advance into Chinese market”, and added, “Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association is providing various supports to companies located in Jeonnam to enter the Chinese market. In particular, joint brand Jeonnam Export Cooperation Association has entered into numerous offline stores in China, and it is also being sold in China online shopping mall, so the achievements are expected”.

Healing Fair is the only Korean healing theme exhibition to offer excellent healing products and services as well as set the new trend of healing industry and culture. It consists of 5 exhibition theme zones specialized in healing by industry, including healing food, healing beauty, healing play, healing city & tour, and healing living. In addition, various experience programs will be held at the same time and offer pleasure for visitors.

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