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[Green Energy EXPO Preview] Etasolar, will introduce ESS System with Solar Power of 28MWh Scale in 7 Places

Etasolar will participate in ‘International Green Expo 2018 & 2018 LED Industry EXPO Korea’ at EXCO in Daegu from Apr. 4th (Wed) to 6th (Fri) and plans to showcase ESS System with Solar Power of 28MWh Scale in 7 Places.

Etasolar is an energy specializing company focused on solar power generation, fuel cell, wind power, ESS, water state renewable energy business, and has been supplying high quality renewable energy based on its solid business base. In February 2017, the ESS system was established for the first time in Korea, and up to now it has ESS deployment and operational demonstration data of 28MWh at 7 sites.

ESS integrated operation system (EMS) and photovoltaic & ESS-related power generation business, Etasolar’s main business, is characterized by ESS design / construction / operation technology based on track record acquired during operation. Today, Etasolar offers everything from the ESS design and implementation to the O&Ms, and it also implements Web monitoring and 24-hour remote control for the efficient operation of ESS.

Etasolar stands out in its solar power project by offering a total solution for development and financing, and based on this, Korea has secured a leading position in the ESS field, which is a solar cell connection with barren soil. As a result, it is the largest advantage of Etasolar as it now has the best technology in the country and the most advanced ESS performance associated with photovoltaic cells.

On the other hand, ‘International Green Energy Expo’ is an international trade exhibition, which is hosted by Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and supervised by EXCO Corporation, Korean New&Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and KOTRA. This is the event that global companies participate in and support officially and has been also chosen by PHOTON-international and recognized as “World Top 10 solar light generation specialty exhibition. This event attracts a great number of domestic and foreign buyers and professional visitors who have real purchasing power, which achieves high business results every year.

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