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The “International Green Energy Expo and LED Industry Exhibition” opened simultaneously on April 4th

The ” International Green Energy Expo and LED Industry Exhibition ” hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do opened simultaneously on April 4(Wed) at Daegu EXCO.

After the government announced that it will increase the share of renewable energy sources such as solar power plants from 7 percent to 20 percent by 2030, and there is high expectation for expansion of domestic market, and related industry is revitalizing.

The International Green Energy Expo, which celebrates its 15th anniversary, is the representative renewable energy exhibition that has been held for the first time in Korea in 2004 with the longest history. This year, it was integrated with the LED industry exhibition, and the scale became bigger.

Thanks to the growth of the solar power and renewable energy industry, participating companies increased by 30%, attracting 280 companies (800 booths).

Overseas buyers have also expanded to more than double the previous year with 85 companies. The best events will be held concurrently and high-quality events are expected.

Recently, the interest of the general consumers in the solar power is so hot that the products of the solar power are sold on the Internet, so it is worth noting the communication with the related companies.
It is analyzed that the market reflected the consumer’s demand for not only small and medium sized power plants but also large power plants led to the participation of large companies related to the exhibition.

The reason why global solar Power companies have come to Daegu is also expected to grow in the domestic market, with the global TOP 10 inverters, energy storage, solar cell and solar panel makers, systems, construction, consulting and software companies are looking for Green Energy Expo.

Participation of many global solar power companies
Half of the top 10 global companies are participated in this event such as JinkoSolar (module No. 1, solar cell 5th), JA solar (module 4th, solar cell 2nd), TW Solar(Solar cell 7th), and Talesun (6th on the solar cell).

The world’s top solar inverter supplier will participate as sponsor such as No. 1 Huawei(China), No. 2 Sungrow(China), No. 3 SMA(Germany) and No. 5 ABB(Switzerland). In particular, Sungrow will present its inverter solution, which accounts for the largest market share in the world. KACO New Energy (Germany), GOODWER (China), GROWATT (China), and SOFARSOLAR (China) will also participate in the event. In Korea, Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, the country’s leading renewable energy company, will participate by setting up a large booth as a platinum sponsor. SHINSUNG E&G will participate as a silver sponsor, also participate in the event, including I-Solar, Nemo ENG, Hyundai Aluminum, CS Tech, and Kyungwon Solar Tech.

Companies Participating in Clean Energy Global Hub City Creation Project
SK Telecom’s participation in this exhibition is remarkable. SK Telecom participated in Daegu National Industrial Complex block-type micro-grid construction project, and possessed key technologies in energy management and ICT-based energy saving and management.

SK Telecom participates in IoT-based smart city creation project and participates as a micro-grid special house together with local company Seochang Electric Communication, Kukje Electric and ID Information System. They also provide energy efficiency projects through the plant energy management system (FEMS) and the building energy management system (BEMS) by participating in projects for diffusion of smart-grids across Daegu. Hyundai AutoEver, Nuri Telecom, SINIL E&C, and ID Information System are also expected to be included in the smart Daegu energy industry. They are working on a project to build power energy efficiency based on the connection between AMI and power-efficient devices with cloud-EMS for high energy customers.

Participate in a large number of global big buyers
On the opening day, KOTRA and EXCO will jointly hold “an Export consulting meeting to invite overseas buyers”.

With the increasing interest in renewable energy around the world, 85 buyers from 32 countries and about 280 domestic companies will participate to conduct the largest 1:1 consultation ever.

SCG America: Shanghai Construction Gruop, which has annual revenues of more than USD100million, and Northland Power Inc, a Canada-based developer of energy industry, will participate in the conference. Khaled Juffali Energy and Utilities, which builds new and renewable energy power plants in Saudi Arabia and imports Solar Power PV and supplies them to Saudi and Middle Eastern countries; 40 large buyers with sales of more than USD 10million will participate, including 15 global buyers in the renewable energy field such as TRINA SOLAR in China, which was the world’s largest solar panel in 2015.

40 large buyers with sales of more than USD 10million will participate, including 15 global buyers in the renewable energy field such as TRINA SOLAR in China, which was the world’s largest solar panel in 2015.

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