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[International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea] SMA shows 50kW Stand Type Inverter ‘Sunny Tripower CORE1’ for Commercial Solar Power Generation

SMA presented 50kW stand type inverter ‘Sunny Tripower CORE1’ for commercial solar power generation at the ‘International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea’ held in EXCO, Daegu from April 4 to April 6.

SMA, the global leader in PV system technology and energy solution area, suggests new standard for distribution type digital energy supply which is renewable. It meets the energy needs of customers with superior service and innovative solution for solar applications of all sizes.

The new product ‘Sunny Tripower CORE1’ inverter recently developed by SMA is a stand type for commercial solar system installed on roof, flat surface and parking lot site for the first time in the world. The product has the effect of reducing installation time by up to 60% and the overall cost of installation (OPEX).

It also enables maximum energy generation because ‘Sunny Tripower CORE1’ inverter has 50kW capacity and can be installed extending to MW level system. Intelligent temperature management system of SMA’s intelligent Opticool enables stable power generation and maximum energy generation in any environment, and is easy and economical to be used with Wi-Fi interface, simple installation process and less components.

Manager Mr. Lee Jang Won of SMA said “We will try to develop the ESS industry further.” and said when he was asked about the impression of 2018 International Green Energy EXPO, “We feel New Regeneration Energy industry has been more growing thanks to participation of more companies than last year, and we of course will participate next year.”

On the other hand, the 15th International Green Energy Expo is an exhibition specializing in renewable energy, which is representative in Korea and this year in particular, it has been integrated with LED industry exhibition, which has made the exhibition bigger. Thanks to the growth of the solar and renewable energy industry, the participating companies has increased by 30% and approx. 280 companies (800 booths) were gathered. Even overseas buyers were increased to 85 companies, by over twice than last year. At International Green Energy, the visitors can meet exhibition fields such as solar energy, ESS(energy storage system)&battery, smart greed technology, wind power, new renewable energy and at LED industry exhibition, the visitors can see items such as indoor light, outdoor light, marine fish, display, agriculture, medi-bio, sign materials.


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