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[International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea] ASTRONERGY SOLAR KOREA, introduced High Efficiency Solar Module and Inverter

ASTRONERGY SOLAR KOREA participated the ‘International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea’ held in EXCO, Daegu from Apr. 4th(Wed) to 6th (Fri) and introduced solar module and inverter.

ASTRONERGY SOLAR KOREA is a total solution supplying company that delivers the BOS product of solar power plant and inverter that included high efficiency cell and module. It is contributing to the Korea and overseas renewable energy supply and expansion while performing project development and investment, consulting, EPC, and O&M. The main products are module, inverter, structure, BOS and others, and in this exhibition, it has introduced single/multi crystal solar power module and inverter. For single crystal, there is 350watt and the multi crystal solar power module has 330watt product, and the feature is the it have expanded the 4 booth bar to 5. In addition, it have reduced the heat loss and increased the efficiency through inverter.

ASTRONERGY SOLAR KOREA has many overseas and domestic projects in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines and has 9 megawatts, 1 megawatt and 16.5 megawatt photovoltaic projects in Chuncheon, Hoengseong and Jeju. Overseas, the company will operate 16 megawatts of Thailand, 50 megawatts of Japan and 15 megawatt of the Philippines. Export countries include Bulgaria, Thailand, Indonesia and Thailand, and are participating in various PV Expo such as China and Indonesia.

On the other hand, the 15th International Green Energy Expo is an exhibition specializing in renewable energy, which is representative in Korea and this year in particular, it has been integrated with LED industry exhibition, which has made the exhibition bigger. Thanks to the growth of the solar and renewable energy industry, the participating companies have increased by 30% and approx. 280 companies (800 booths) were gathered. Even overseas buyers were increased to 85 companies, by over twice than last year. At International Green Energy, the visitors can meet exhibition fields such as solar energy, ESS(energy storage system)&battery, smart greed technology, wind power, new renewable energy and at LED industry exhibition, the visitors can see items such as indoor light, outdoor light, marine fish, display, agriculture, medi-bio, sign materials.

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