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[International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea] Tnsmotors, introduced Foldable Electric Bicycle ‘MOYA2’

Tnsmotors participated the ‘International Green Energy EXPO & LED Industry EXPO Korea’ held in EXCO, Daegu from Apr. 4th(Wed) to 6th (Fri) and introduced the foldable electric bicycle, ‘MOYA2’.

Tnsmotors is a venture company which manufactures and supplies its comprehensive leisure sports and various transportation equipment that has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates from the International Organization for Standardization. They have been developing efficient and creative products through quality standardization and support for low carbon green growth business.

MOYA 2 is a foldable electric bicycle that could be opened and closed in only 3 seconds, and is easy to carry as it is mounted with ultra-light high efficiency multi lithium ion battery and hub motor. It has advantages such as charging time (3 hours ~ 4 hours), mileage (25km ~ 30km), and ability to launch (7 ~ 14 degrees). It is a multipurpose portable electric bicycle that can also be used for commuting to and from school, commuting work, and leisure, and can easily be carried by public transportation such as subway or bus

The multi-purpose lithim ion battery mounted in MOYA 2 is a multi-purpose secondary battery pack that can be used for electric bicycles as well as for users’ portable devices and heaters. The multi-function lithium ion battery pack for electric bicycles equipped with a smart-touch lock provides user convenience.

The director Kim Sang-gu of Tnsmotos said, “Currently, we are progressing India export contract” and added, “We are having a talk in an amount of 1,000”. He also commented, “Through this exhibition, we had meeting with overseas buyers such as Taiwan and Spain, and we are talking positively” and also commented, “Our goal is to develop into global company by constantly continuing these activities”.

On the other hand, the 15th International Green Energy Expo is an exhibition specializing in renewable energy, which is representative in Korea and this year in particular, it has been integrated with LED industry exhibition, which has made the exhibition bigger. Thanks to the growth of the solar and renewable energy industry, the participating companies have increased by 30% and approx. 280 companies (800 booths) were gathered. Even overseas buyers were increased to 85 companies, by over twice than last year. At International Green Energy, the visitors can meet exhibition fields such as solar energy, ESS(energy storage system)&battery, smart greed technology, wind power, new renewable energy and at LED industry exhibition, the visitors can see items such as indoor light, outdoor light, marine fish, display, agriculture, medi-bio, sign materials.

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