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[BEST of Healing Fair] Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Selected as TOP 5 with 609 Youth Mall

‘Best of Healing Fair Award’ was bestowed to Busan Economic Promotion Agency at ‘Healing Fair 2018’, held from April 6th(Fri) to 8th(Sun) at aT Center, Yangjae.

‘Best of Top 5’is based on the decision of AVING News, the global media group. They select only 5 companies out of all exhibitors considering company’s trend, growth rate and promising.

‘Gukje Market’, international market in English, is the Busan’s largest traditional market and has gained its popularity by a Korean movie that shares the same name with the market. This traditional market has been completely changed into a new cultural complex where the youthful story and distinctive idea are combined. For this, Busan Economic Promotion Agency pushed for the development project to transform into a global market for luxury goods.

‘Global Luxury Market Development Project’ is to support the market to be the representative culture tourism luxury market where many domestic and international tourists visit by combining its own traditional characteristics to Korean contents so that it can bring its historical value, cultural prosperity and energized sale. Through its first project, it created the ‘609 Youth Mall’ on the second floor of the B building in zone number 6. ‘609 Youth Mall’ has 18 stores featured with unique items, cafes and etc.

You can find distinctive items in ‘609 Youth Mall’ where gets the most attention. This place is decorated with 40 years old interior piece from the old Gukje Market such as walls, windows, chairs, and furniture mingled with modern sensibility. You can feel vintage sentiment with a subtle aroma of coffee. Apparently, Busan’s traditional markets have changed into a new culture space to all visitors-international and domestic- as combining with sparkling and distinctive ideas of young generation and convenience of today.

“DuAki means that it is made and given away by its designer Aki, and we aim to create a design that is nonexistent now,” said Aki, designer of DuAki. “it was established in 2016 and we work with women who suffered from career breaks.” He added.

“I enjoyed communicating with general consumers at the fair. However, the fact that B2B seems to be more active than B2C here, I feel something lacking. Also, please pay a lot of attention to this month’s crowdfunding called WADIZ for various items such as cardholder and bracelets.” said Aki.

In the meantime, the only healing fair in Korea brings and introduces all healing specialized products and services in one place and suggests the culture and the new trend in the industry. The fair is formed in 5 different zones: healing living, healing play, healing food, healing beauty, and healing city&tour. There are many activities for visitors to feel the trend and vibe of the industry and the fair as well.

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