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[KOBA 2018 Preview] Quantum, exhibits ‘Xcellis scale-out NAS’, a workflow sharing NAS

Quantum(CEO, Lee Ganguk), a global-leading corporation in the scale-out storage and data protection area, participates in KOBA 2018(Korea International Broadcast Audio&lighting equipment show) held at COEX from May 15th(Tue.) to 18th(Fri.) to come, and introduces newly-released large data management storage solutions in this year.

At this exhibition, Quantum is the first company in this area for the first time to introduce NAS(Xcellis® Scale-out NAS), a workflow sharing NAS storage appliance which can be flexibly expanded and will emphasize a solid leadership in the workflow optimizing storage area.

The NAS(Xcellis® Scale-out NAS) provides cost-efficient expandability to smoothly respond to the continuous data increase, and also provides powerful enterprise scale-out NAS function and management function. Xcellis® Scale-out NAS), based on StorNext® parallel file system and data management platform of Quantum, the industry-leading company, provides the best performance, scalability, and management benefits in the industry to high-value workload environment.

The cluster of Xcellis® Scale-out NAS that Quantum will introduce through ‘2018 KOBA’, expand performance and capacity together or respectively to support tens of gigabytes per second in performing, and hundreds of petabytes in capacity. A single client(SMB, NFS or high-performance client) realizes three times better performance than scale-out NAS products of competing companies through various clients expanding the bandwidth of a single cluster over terabytes per second. In addition, the end-to-end solution of Xcellis manages simplified workflow petabyte data smoothly which integrated tapes or clouds, and provides excellent performance more than leading products for NAS only for 1/10 price compared to competing companies.

It is easy to install and configure its settings, and provides quick scan, research function, monitoring in depth, alert, management function and etc. through a single management screen interface of latest style.

Xcellis® Scale-out NAS get fully mileage out of data management experiences which have been accumulated for 15 years in StorNext. The data management function of Xcellis supports automated stratification on SSD disks, tapes, object storages, and sharing clouds. It is also possible to make copies for content distribution, collaboration, data protection, disaster recovery.

As the only NAS solution in the industry with an integrated AI function called Xcellis® Scale-out NAS, it supports customers to create much more values through the existing and new data. In order to figure out events, objects, pace, words, emotions and etc., it actively explores data through many axis, and opens new possibilities and opportunities through assets which was saved by automatically creating customized-meta data.

Lee Ganguk, the district director of Quantum Korea said, “we will introduce Xcellis® Scale-out NAS, a workflow sharing NAS storage appliance which can be flexibly expanded, first in the industry at KOREA 2018. We will introduce, in detail, what benefits it can provide to the workflow and business of the existing and potential customers by adopting Xcellis Scale-out NAS at this exhibition.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 will be held at a total of 27,997 sqm at the exhibition hall A, C, and D, and seem to present the next-generation broadcasting service and the future of video, sound and lighting industry. In particular, during KOBA exhibition, it provides an opportunity to learn professional information related to broadcasting and sound, through international broadcasting technology conferences more than 80 times, hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association and sound-related professional technology seminars, hosted by the Korea Association of Sound Artists and the Acoustical Society of Korea.

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