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[2018 KOPPEX] HANLIM LODEX, introduced Sidewalk Block made of Sandstone Native Rock

HANLIM RODEX have participated in the ‘2018 Korea Public Procurement Expo(2018 KOPPEX)’ from Apr.25th(Wed) to 27th(Fri) at Iisan KINTEX and introduced block made of sandstone native rock.

Based on 3 concepts of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, design, exterior, HANLIM LODEX is an eco-friendly company that created future urban environment. In this exhibition, it have introduced artificial sandstone block, artificial marble block, and pattern block. Since artificial sandstone block has been made by polishing the sandstone native rock, it has less wear than the existing product and has the color of pastel tone through color mix.

Currently, the blocks are delivered to public institution located in Sejong-si and Buyeo, Jeonnam. In case of patterned block, it have saved the traditional beauty, so it is elderly-friendly and is demanded in places such as welfare centers and education offices. In particular, it have increased the recognition of the company by manufacturing and donating the pattern block using alphabet by deriving from English name of 10 pro baseball club in Gijang County, Busan. The officials of the company said, “We are designing it naturally so that the block and environment doesn’t give sense of difference”.

Meanwhile, in the ‘2018 KOPPEX’, various supply products will be exhibited in 8 fields, such as excellent supply product, MAS product, new technology product, public safety related products, venture countries, new company products, quality assurance procurement products, and traditional culture products. In addition, it is operating the venture country·new company booth for the promotion of the venture·new company product that had technology power but did not have the opportunity for supply market advancement.

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