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‘BIO KOREA 2018’ held at COEX, Seoul on May 9th, expected to provide an opportunity to know trends in next -generation immuno-anticancer drug technology companies

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute(Director, Lee Yeongchan, “Development Institute) will hold a session to introduce the trends in next-generation immuno-anticancer drug development at a conference of ‘BIO KOREA 2018’ held at COEX, Seoul on May 9th(Wed.).

The anticancer drug is the biggest technology in the pharmaceutical market, and is an area where the most active research is conducted all around the world. Especially, immuno-anticancer drugs, double-antibody, CAR-T and etc. are drastically emerging as a hot topic with a great interest and it provides an opportunity to introduce the latest trends of the related technologies and changes in the market at this BIO KOREA session.

First of all, in order to know global immuno-anticancer drug trends, Khurram Nawaz, an anticancer market analyst at Decision Resources Group will introduce global market trends, and Morihiro Watanabe, a person in charge of clinical development at Merck Serono will announce the current status of the global immuno-anticancer drug research and development pipeline.

Furthermore, more announcement will be followed by other Korean representative companies. Kim Gyutae, the CEO of AbClon, and Lee Sanghun, the CEO of ABL Bio is preparing to announce the current status of immuno-anticancer drug technology research and development, and Agustin de la Calle, the director of business development dep. of Eutilex will introduce the technology based on T-cell which is advancing overseas.
□ A source from the development institute said, “It will a great opportunity to know the level of domestic immuno-anticancer drug technology as well as its global market trends”, and “I hope for a lot of interest and attendance from researchers and anyone related to the technology development.”

Meanwhile, the BIO KOREA 2018 is expected to have around 25 thousand visitors from 45 countries for the largest sized-bio and health industry convention in Asia. At a total of 19 conference sessions including the development trend of immuno-anticancer medicine, visitors can directly see the new paradigm of global health and the future of the next generation global healthy industry.

Seminar information and sign-up for participation can be check on the official website of BIO KOREA which will deal with various topics.

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