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Public Procurement General Exhibition “Korea Public Procurement Expo 2018” opened with great fanfare at KINTEX

“Korea Public Procurement Expo,” supporting the domestic and foreign market of excellent technology development procurement products, was held in KINTEX on the 25th.

Public Procurement Service (Director Chun-seob Park) said that “Korea Public Procurement Expo 2018” was held in KINTEX, Goyang for three days from Wednesday, April 25. Domestic personnel including the deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Dong-yeon Kim, Minister of SMEs and Startups Jong-hak Hong, Chairman of Strategy and Finance Committee in National Assembly Kyung-tae Cho, a vice-governor of Gyeonggi-do Province Jin-heung Kim, a mayor of Goyang City Sung Choi and overseas personnel such as the Rumanian Ambassador to Korea and the director of Indonesian Public Procurement Service attended the Expo.

In 2018, the largest exhibitors and overseas buyers participated in the Expo. In this year’s Expo, there were 309 exhibitors (739 booths), up 9% from the previous year, and 101 overseas buyers from 35 countries like Canada, Japan, China, Singapore, France and Australia.

Moreover, “International Electronic Procurement Workshop on Cross-border Participation” was held at the same time. In this workshop, 8 international organizations including OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), ITC (International Trade Center), WTO (World Trade Organization), as well as interested parties from 20 countries including the USA, and approximately 70 people from related organization in Korea participated.

Additionally, in “Korea Public Procurement Expo 2018,” various procurement items were exhibited in eight fields, such as excellent procurement items, MAS products, new technology products, safety of the people related products, products of venture·sprout companies, quality guaranteed procurement items, and traditional craft products. For the promotion of the products from venture·sprout companies who have technological capability but no opportunity to advance into the procurement market, it expanded venture·sprout companies booths.

For the related events, purchase practical education for public officials from the purchasing department, 1:1 matching public purchasing consultation between demand organization and participating companies, spring conference of Korea Association of Procurement and Supply Management, a workshop to strengthen African procurement capacity and international procurement workshop where overseas procurement personnel participated were held. In addition, “Overseas market entry presentation” for US, UN WTO and ITC was prepared to support Korean companies’ entry into overseas procurement market.

Chun-seob Park, director of Public Procurement Service, said that “I hope that this Expo will be a successful exhibition for both domestic and foreign buyers as well as exhibitors” and added, “I will make efforts to establish this Expo as a truly global export exhibition.”

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