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[BEST OF 2018 KOPPEX] Cungwoo Industry, Selected as TOP5 with Portable Healthy Red Clay Room

Cungwoo Industry have participated in the ‘2018 Korea Public Procurement Expo(2018 KOPPEX)’ from Apr.25th(Wed) to 27th(Fri) at Iisan KINTEX and was awarded with ‘BEST of 2018 KOPPEX’.

‘Best of TOP 5’ has selected 5 companies among all participating companies of ‘2018 KOPPEX’ by considering the company’s trend, growth rate, probability.

Red Clay Room, which was manufactured and designed by the master of red clay Ondol helps various disease treatment such as new house disease and atopy. Based on steel columns, it has added the charcoal and yellow mortar, finishing the internal and external wall in layer. It can be moved to seating point after construction. Since it is low temperature Korean sauna with less than 40 degrees, it has far infrared radiation effect and its efficacy is enhanced when combined with cancer radiation therapy. In addition to cancer, other medicines that are good for other diseases can be blended in the production of Red Clay Room, which makes it possible to produce Red Clay Room, which is suitable for individuals of various heights. In addition, the room inside the apartment is renovated and you can enjoy the Red Clay Ondol in the city.

Meanwhile, in the ‘2018 KOPPEX’, various supply products will be exhibited in 8 fields, such as excellent supply product, MAS product, new technology product, public safety related products, venture countries, new company products, quality assurance procurement products, and traditional culture products. In addition, it is operating the venture country·new company booth for the promotion of the venture·new company product that had technology power but did not have the opportunity for supply market advancement.

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