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[KOBA 2018 Preview] Telemedia, plans to show a new 4K HEVC encoder/decoder of NTT

Telemedia participates in KOBA 2018(Korea International Broadcast Audio&lighting equipment show) held at COEX from May 15th(Tue.) to 18th(Fri.) to come, and introduces a new 4K HEVC encoder/decoder of NTT.

The new 4k HEVC Encoder/Decoder has been selected for ‘2018 Russia World cup’ transmission. NTT electronics, a leader of broadcasting relay encoders has supplied the overseas transmission equipment for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, to LGU+, one of major telecoms in Korea through Telemedia/JMK in April of 2018. The HC11000E encoder/HC11000D decoder supplied are built in with its latest HEVC codec, LSI, which will deliver 4K UHD signal from Russia to Korea broadcasting stations through LGU+. The FIFA World Cup is held from June 1st to July 15th in Russia.

The NTT codec has been chosen because it can guarantee low-delayed transmission as a high-definition video even for the fast movements of soccer games, and it is possible to construct an error-free system with a new IP seamless transfer function.

Higashi Ibaraki, the Vice President of digital components business group of NTT electronics, said that for HC11000E/HC11000D, they reduce the transmission capacity of 4K UHD videos with new HEVC technology, which is hard to transmit by the existing H264, and provide high-definition videos to Russia World Cup overseas transmission network through LGU+. He also said that as for 4K UHD codec, it has become possible to check the immediate re-transmitted videos by the first 100ms low-delayed transmission all around the world by adopting LSI.

Although the existing IP transmission is pointed out as a weakness because of the delay caused by buffering mass data, with this new IP seamless protection technology of NTT enables a new seamless error-correction function of NTT, so the low-delayed IP transmission has become much safer. 3K encoder/decoder of NTT is used as a regional distribution network and the low-delayed IP seamless protection technology has been used for it.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 will be held at a total of 27,997 sqm at the exhibition hall A, C, and D, and seem to present the next-generation broadcasting service and the future of video, sound and lighting industry. In particular, during KOBA exhibition, it provides an opportunity to learn professional information related to broadcasting and sound, through international broadcasting technology conferences more than 80 times, hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association and sound-related professional technology seminars, hosted by the Korea Association of Sound Artists and the Acoustical Society of Korea.

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