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[BIO KOREA 2018] Mediogen, a Specialist in Probiotics, enters into Finished Product OEM Business

MEDIOGEN(CEO Baek Nam-soo), a professional bio-venture company, has participated in ‘BIO KOREA 2018’ held at COEX from May 9th to 11th (Fri) and introduced patent technology and OEM business.

(Photo Description: Mediogen’s own probiotic product line ‘Labisen’)

Mediogen, a specialist in probiotics, has been accumulating know-how in the development and production of high-quality probiotic materials since its establishment in 2000. Currently, we supply probiotic raw materials and finished products to more than 200 domestic and overseas companies. In March 2018, we completed a specialized OEM finished product factory in Chungju, North Chungcheong province, which meets EU GMP standards.

Mediogen has launched two patented lactic acid bacteria for the prevention of vaginitis and improving the vaginal environment of women based on accumulated know-how of probiotics and years of research and development, and patented coating technology for safety improvement.

The official said, “We will focus on explaining the raw materials and patent technology of probiotics and explaining OEM business.”

On the other hand, the 13th Bio Korea Fair this year has contributed to raising the status of Korea’s bio-healthcare industry through various programs promoting the world’s technology level in the Korean pharmaceutical and medical device industry and promoting international trade and exchange. In this year’s exhibition, we will be able to look at the status of new drug development by innovative pharmaceutical companies such as Daewoong Pharmaceutical, JW Choongwae Pharmaceutical, Chong Kun Dang, and Bioneer representing the domestic bio healthcare industry, and various information about healthcare start-up and technology transfer organization (TLO) can be obtained.

(Photo Description: Mediogen’s OEM product)

(Photo Description: Mediogen’s plant scenery in Chungjoo)

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