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‘BIO, MEDICAL KOREA 2018’, Successfully held in COEX… Met the Future of Global Health Care Industry

The event of ‘BIO KOREA 2018’ and ‘MEDICAL KOREA 2018’ supported by Ministry of Health and Welfare(Minister Park Neung-hu) was held at COEX on May 9th.

This year, it was held jointly with the Medical Korea Conference to promote the status of the bio-health care industry in Korea, such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and to create synergies between attracting foreign patients and expanding into overseas medical care. Therefore, it is possible to participate in various events such as medical Korea conference and job fair (bio-health care job search program) after seeing new products and medical devices advanced products from Bio Korea.

The 13th Bio Korea Fair this year has contributed to raising the status of Korea’s bio-health care industry through various programs promoting the technology level of Korea’s pharmaceutical and medical device industry to the world and promoting international transactions and exchanges. ‘The Next Generation Healthcare Technology’is expected to attract more than 25,000 visitors from more than 600 companies in 45 countries. An exhibition consisting of 400 booths, a business forum where domestic and foreign companies interact, a conference where experts from various fields talk about the latest technology trends, an Invest Fair where domestic pharmaceuticals, medical device companies and domestic and foreign investors meet Various other events are held.

In this exhibition, we can look at the status of new drug development by innovative pharmaceutical companies such as Daewoong Pharmaceutical, JW Choongwae Pharmaceutical, Chong Kun Dang, and Bioneer representing the domestic biohealthcare industry, and various information on healthcare start-up and technology transfer organization (TLO) Can be obtained. In the business forum, it is possible to conduct online dictionary matching or on-the-spot business meeting so that domestic bio health care companies and foreign companies can meet each other and exchange technology and trade. This year, business delegations from the UK, Australia, Italy, Sweden and India will be present, making it a good opportunity for companies looking to enter overseas or seeking overseas partners.

The conference will consist of a series of heated debates among experts who are looking for strategies to cope with changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the theme of △ digital △ bio △ industrial infrastructure. Such as anti-cancer drugs (CAR-T), brain science, biosimilars, microbiomics, stem cells and gene therapy, as well as the key themes of the fourth industrial revolution such as the Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, The development status of technologies is introduced. In addition, about 200 investors from Korea and abroad are presenting bio-investment, technology licensing, and bio-intellectual property to introduce the latest global trends in the fourth industrial revolution.

In addition, a variety of other events will take place during the Bio Korea event. At the “Invest Fair”, which is a special program of the KOSDAQ listed technology special offer, KOSDAQ listed companies will announce investment inducement (IR) and provide opportunity to invite global investment experts to understand the flow of investment in the global health industry.

In addition, China, Sichuan, Hunan and Guangzhou will participate in the ‘Cluster Forum’, which is specially designed to facilitate inter-Korean health and medical technology exchange, and will provide key information on entry into the Chinese market. Korea also provides information on Osong and Daegu Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation. At the ‘GPKOL Symposium’ where pharmaceutical experts from all over the world are participating, lectures of experts in global market entry will be available. Major issues related to GMP in the US and Europe and CMC will be introduced.

The ‘Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Society’, which introduces Korean pharmaceutical companies to overseas viewers, expects the effect of the one-sidecar to attract overseas investment by notifying the Korean pharmaceutical industry that excellent foreign companies such as foreign clinics are performing. In addition, the ‘Medical Device Seminar’ has a presentation on strategies to enter Southeast Asian region and attract investment, and entry into the US market, and a job fair to support job seekers in pharmaceuticals and medical devices do.

The 4th Industrial Revolution Committee, which is under the direct control of the president, will meet with officials from the bio-health care industry and discuss policy support measures reflecting actual demand.

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