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BIO KOREA 2018, successfully closed with confirmation of the future of global health

BIO KOREA 2018 held jointly by the Korea Health Industry Development Agency (President Lee Young-chan) and Chungcheongbuk-do completed the three-day event on the theme of “The Next-Generation Healthcare Technology” at COEX in Seoul.

BIO KOREA 2018, which marks the 13th anniversary this year, has attracted some 600 companies from 50 countries and 24,032 visitors, and the largest number of countries participated in the event to prove the Korean national bio convention.

In particular, with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, the emergence of bio industries has brought a variety of interests to domestic and external programs, such as exhibitions, conferences, and business forums, under the theme of “The Future of Global Health”.

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, Health and Welfare Minister Park In-hoo, Lee Young-chan, president of the Agency for Promotion, and Governor Ko Gyu-chang of North Chungcheong Province attended the opening ceremony. The Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon a congratulatory speech, “health care industry to highlight of the president’s Council of the fourth round of the Industrial Revolution ‘ Special Committee on Healthcare in the installation.”.”From research and development investment and support improvement, business eco-system and overseas markets, money paid for sex to the growth of the health industry will detail plans to run” government.Lavished a commitment to active support and encouragement.

A total of 500 public relations booths, including companies and institutions and hospitals related to the domestic and external health industries, were operated at the exhibition hall, providing a glimpse into the latest trends and issues of the bio industry. In particular, at the public health promotion center, which received much attention this time, the company has seen innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), wireless low frequency muscle pain therapy, teeth whitening and oral sterilization. In addition, national flags, such as Britain, Australia, Italy and India, were created to provide effective global business opportunities for Korean companies seeking to expand into foreign markets.

The conference, approached in terms of digital, bio and industrial infrastructure, hosted in-depth talks with 230 experts from around the world in the fields of bio, pharmaceuticals and global healthcare. Many participants were able to identify the health care industry’s current status against the fourth industrial revolution such as artificial intelligence, big data, and digital health care, which enabled them to identify the interests of the hot industry. In particular, the investment session ” Invest Fair, ” which was planned to be a special feature of a company listed on KOSDAQ technology, had to attract far more participants than expected to arrive late. In addition, audiences who attended various sessions were also able to feel the interest and expectations of many stakeholders in the bio industry.

Business Forum, one of the core programs of BIO KOREA, provided 1,452 business consultations worth KRW339.1 billion. After achieving the maximum number of counseling sessions in the past year, it has proven that substantial and in-depth business discussions are proceeding through Bio Korea.In particular, the Business Forum, which has helped to build effective business networks between corporate delegations in the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, and India, and domestic companies, will work for a variety of future partnerships through IR and online meetings.

In the ceremony held at the 5th Bio Korea Korea Health Industry Awards Ceremony held during the ceremony, ▲ 5 commendations were awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare, ▲ 5 commendations were given by the Governor of the province of Chungcheongbuk-do, and▲ 5 commendations were awarded by the Korea Health Industry Development Agency. I had a place to celebrate my accomplishments and to celebrate my accomplishments to the fifteen honorable people who set up the treacherous ball.

In addition, BIO JOB FAIR 2018, held in the hot interest of job seekers and recruitment companies who are facing difficulties in employment and hiring, today attracted 65 recruiting companies to interview thousands of job seekers Progress and company information. A total of 318 counseling sessions were held in the 1: 1 mentoring program for post-graduation career and career development counseling. In the 5th BIO Entrepreneurship Idea Contest, the ‘Parkinson’s Speech Disorder Therapeutic Organization’ of the Voicedoc (Yongin Foreign High school) Team was the first high school student, and the ‘Disposable Smart Kit ‘technology won the prize.

In addition, ‘GPKOL Symposium’, ‘MEDICAL KOREA’ and ‘KPAC Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Conference’ were held under the theme of ‘Strategies for the Production of Pharmaceuticals for Successful Global Pharmaceutical Market Entry’ and ‘9th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference’ Was held at the same time, and it was a good opportunity to collect various information at once at the participating health industry stakeholders.

Lee Young-chan, Director of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, said, “Thanks to the participation and interest of both domestic and foreign stakeholders, we were able to successfully complete the event” and added, “With the development of the leading bio-health industry in the fourth industrial revolution, I will accelerate to play a key role in the development of Korea’s health industry”.

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