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[KOBA 2018] galaxia ELECTRONICS, introduced Creative LED Display New Product ‘Winvision Flex’

galaxia ElECTRONICS have participated ‘KOREA INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST AUDIO & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT SHOW(KOBA 2018)’ held in COEX from May 15th (Tue) to 18th (Fri) and introduced Winvision Flex,

galaxia ElECTRONICS is a LED application specialized company that develops and manufactures LED image display and lighting system. In LED image display field, it have realized the large size 3D three-dimensional structure image that is seamless and over 500 inches with the convergence with 3D technology for the first time, constructed LED media façade ‘Seoul Square’ of world’s largest size (Width 99m x height 78m), and has unique technology that realized ‘Media Art’ by applying the LED based technology. It is providing ‘Eco-friendly, High efficiency’ lighting product that uses next generation light source LED to customers, in order to solve the environment and energy problem of earth that is getting severe day by day, and to lead the 21st century green development. It is expected that galaxia ElECTRONICS, which quickly responds to changes in markets from LED Display to White Solution, will act as a business.

Winvision Flex, a new product of creative LED display, is a product that is assembled in various forms of objects such as cube, pyramid, and banner. It is possible to realize three-dimensional and visual effects that flat displays cannot produce. A palm-sized miniaturization module with a size of 150 mm by 150 mm can be easily installed by using a magnet attached to the back and can be flexible in variety of environments such as a wide wall. Enhanced glass can also be used as floor vision for floor installation. Winvision Flex is also designed to apply a two-way communication system so that video production can continue even if data communication fails. This product can be used for luxurious restaurants, buildings, and even for exhibitions and concerts.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 is progressed in a total of 27,997 sqm in COEX exhibition hall A, C and D hall, and presents next-generation broadcasting services and the future of video, sound and lighting industries. In particular, KOBA exhibition holds more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences organized by the Korea Broadcasting Technology Association, the Korean Association of Sound Artists, and the Korean Society for Sound Science, and in response, the audience is actively learning professional information related to broadcasting and sound.

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