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The 28th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2018) opens at COEX

The 28th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2018) took place at the A, C, D hall of COEX exhibition and conference centre with a theme of ‘Media, Connected Everywhere’.

At the opening ceremony, Chu Hyesun of the science, ICT, broadcasting, and communication committee, Kim Young-soo of Ministry of Science and ICT, Huh Wook of Korea Communications Commission, Yang Seongdong of Korean Broadcasters Association, Jang Haerang of EBS, Park Sunghee of OBS, Hans Yonggil of CBS, Lee Seoungyeol of Arirang TV, Kim Youngsuk of Korea Association of Sound Artists, Yoo Heoijong of The Acoustical Society of Korea participated in. Also, as a host, Kim Chunghan of Korea E&EX Inc., Park Jongsuk of the Korea broadcasting engineers & technicians association and as a representative of industry, Muiyagi Kazo of Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Area Sales Marketing and In Kihwan of SAMA GVC Inc. participated in the show.

KOBA 2018, which is jointly hosted by Korea E&EX Inc. and Korea broadcasting engineers & technicians association and supported by Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea Communications Commission, Seoul, KOTRA, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, OBS, CBS, Arirang TV, tbs, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Association of Sound Artists, The Acoustical Society of Korea, is the only exhibition in Korea that will lead the fourth industrial revolution and is a global exhibition that has received international recognition from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and international exhibition association.

By bringing together excellent broadcasting, video, sound and lighting equipment from all over the world, it is able to present the new concept broadcasting, visual industry and lighting to the core of the cultural industry. It also offers opportunities to have a competitive edge and vision to cope with the rapidly changing trend.

Major display items include 4K/8K, UHD, 3D, Smart TV, Mobile TV, digital contents, camera, VTR, editing related systems, receiving /transmission related devices, character generator, CATV system, internet/cable broadcasting related devices, displays, and LED. In addition, it will display about 10,000 units of seven hundred models including sound and lighting devices such as Pro audio, microphone, headphones, console, mixer, and instrument. This gives participants a good chance to learn about the latest products.

Specifically, this exhibition will feature a new KOBA HiFi Audio invitation at the conference room on the third floor of the COEX Exhibition Hall. It will provide a chance to experience products and technology of South Korea’s high-tech audio industry and international high-end brands, as well as various seminars and performances.

In addition, as one person’s media platform rapidly grows, and the consumption of mobile contents increases, relevant creators are invited to participate in seminars about know-how to produce one person’s media content with a theme of ‘one person’s media & creator and content strategy’. Special booth for one person’s broadcasting media will also be operated at Hall D.

Major broadcasting companies such as KBS and CBS will participate in this year’s KOBA 2018 exhibition as well as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami, FOR-A, ARRI, Tektronix, Dongyang digital, Visual research, black magic design, SAMA GVC, Sanam Tech, Bedent, and Compix. In addition, sound companies such as Daekyeong Vascom, DLOGIXS, Sound Solution, Sama Pro Sound, Yamaha, Inter-M, Kevic, and Tech-Data will participate. In addition, the company will also participate in a large number of other major lighting companies in 32 countries, including lighting companies such as C&C Light Way, Tongsuh Technology, and Hansam System.

Not only are new exhibits such as mobile, smart media, displays, LED, and contents, but also the number of exhibits and participating companies that are currently receiving spotlight is increasing rapidly. In addition, the KOBA exhibition suggests a vision as a next-generation growth industry at a time when the market size of broadcasting and video industries is growing, and the competitiveness of the industry is required.

The exhibition will feature domestic and international renowned companies – digital TV and projectors related to the convergence of VR smart technologies, OLED displays, 4K, UHD(Ultra High Definition) with the evolving innovative technology such as smart technologies, UHD, and 4K which are also drawing attention from the broadcasting industry as well as convergence technology – in order to give a chance to enjoy high definition video and advanced technology in terms of quality and safety.

The International Broadcasting Technology Conference, hosted by Korea E&EX Inc. and the Korea broadcasting engineers & technicians association, will be held at the Convention centre in more than 60 sections during the exhibition. As a result, issues related to broadcasting industries such as UHDTV, Smart Media, VR, drones, and future broadcasting technologies will be discussed as subjects and it is expected that a large number of the relevant people will be interested. In particular, KOBA World Media Forum will take place and focus on issues related to domestic and international broadcasting industries. Korea Association of Sound Artists will also introduce various programmes by providing a seminar on sound technology to provide expert information of sound expertise and practical know-how.

In addition, it will provide opportunities for domestic manufacturers to enter into international markets through buyer acquisition programs such as support for accommodation in foreign countries and industry tours of the broadcasting station. If registered in advance through KOBA website, one can visit the exhibition free of charge (10,000 won for paid admission). For more information, visit KOBA website or call on an executive office of the Korea E&EX Inc. KOBA 2018 (Tel. 02)551-0102).


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