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2018 Gyeong-gi International Boat Show, Pre-Register Free Entry… The rich sights and prizes benefits far

Pre-registration for the Korea International Boat Show 2018, which has become one of the three largest boating shows in Asia, will close on May 21st.

The 2018 International Boat Show hosted by KINTEX, KOTRA, WATERWAY PLUS, and the Korean Marina Association will be held from May 24 to 27 (Sun), hosted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Gyeonggi Province, Visitors will be greeted at various events at the Ara Marina maritime exhibition.

Visitors who register in advance during the period will be exempted from the admission fee of 5,000 won. You can apply through the registration menu for visitors through the website, and you can receive free tickets for senior high school students, senior citizens under 65, disabled people, national merit, soldiers and free tickets.

This year’s Gyeonggi International Boat Show has a variety of contents that the general public can enjoy together. First of all, about 20 boats and yachts will be on display during the exhibition period. There will also be a boat boarding experience, yacht sailing and boat tour events (2 hours per first-come first-served basis) and a ride on the Arawa Boat cruise ship (first-come-first-served basis, 4,000 won / person).

From 26th to 27th, there will be a boat commentary specialist, discount event (3,000 won per person), and training to become a smart boat owner. On the 25th, Gyeonggi International Boat Show Competition will be held and about 200 marine exhibition painting competition works will be on display.

At the KINTEX Open Conference stage, a variety of additional events are organized. On the 24th to 25th, Kyunggi Grant will conduct marine safety education. On the 25th, Captain Kim Seung-jin’s “What is your challenge?” Lectures will also be held. This evening, along with Bayer’s Night, awards for the Product of the Year Awards will also be held.

On the 26th, Waterway Plus will train the marine leisure manpower, and the kayak paddling training using the surviving swim swimming ergo machine is also held.

On the 27th, Professor Jung Eun-chae will give a lecture on “Designing a masterpiece on the sea” and a kayak photo exhibition award ceremony.
On the 26th and 27th, Kang Tae Woon will also be holding a fashion show for Mistral Marlin in Ivy, Showa Woosung, which is a tuna tuna loin. In addition, from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm on 24th – 25th, a sweepstakes contest will be held to give lucky visitors a chance to win prizes.

In the Event Experience Zone, you will have a yacht tale underwater drones & RC boat experience, a scotola fun boat experience, a play boat demonstration, a SUP pilates & polo tournament, and a general kayak experience. And the photo session of the Gapyeong Fire Department ship safety experience will be going on. In addition, there will be a photo session of ‘Choi Jung Gul’, which is well known as ‘Jigging Girl’, and photo time, yacht world lecture, kayak photo exhibition, kayak paddling training for the clubs.

“This year’s exhibition is the largest in the history, and we will be able to see more attractions and enjoyment than any other year,” a Kintex official said. “It is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy marine leisure sports with

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