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[KOBA 2018] DK VASCOM, introduced Wireless Microphone of Pure Domestic Technology combined with Analog and Digital

DK VASCOM have participated ‘KOREA INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST AUDIO & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT SHOW(KOBA 2018)’ held in COEX from May 15th (Tue) to 18th (Fri) and introduced wireless microphone developed with domestic technology.

DK VASCOM is a company specializing in broadcasting and industrial sound equipment. In the exhibition, it introduced a wireless microphone and various sound equipment developed with Korean technology. It is equipment that can reduce DSP effect when there are units with FSW-700-500-300s and 300 series. It is based on analog and has digital technology for audio. For the FSW-700s, analog and Dante DSP functions and management functions were added.

Head of department Shin Chul-ha said, “The sound quality of microphone differs according to the head unit” and added, “We are renting domestic microphone to places such as Corporations, government offices, performances based on the technology”. In addition, for KOBA 2018 exhibition, he said, “Since the beginning of exhibition in 2010, we have been promoting our new product together” and added, “We will not only participate in next year’s exhibition, and will also participate in Amsterdam, Germany Broadcasting equipment exhibition”.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 is progressed in a total of 27,997 sqm in COEX exhibition hall A, C and D hall, and presents next-generation broadcasting services and the future of video, sound and lighting industries. In particular, KOBA exhibition holds more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences organized by the Korea Broadcasting Technology Association, the Korean Association of Sound Artists, and the Korean Society for Sound Science, and in response, the audience is actively learning professional information related to broadcasting and sound.

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