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[BEST of KOBA 2018] Dream ICT Was Selected One of Top 5 Company by Its ‘Hypervsn’

Dream ICT was selected as one of the ‘BEST of KOBA 2018′ at’KOREA INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST AUDIO & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT SHOW(KOBA 2018)’ held in COEX from May 15th (Tue) to 18th (Fri) .

‘Hypervsn’ is a new concept display that realizes high-resolution 3D hologram through LEDs mounted on rotating 4 wings. It is 2.8KG in weight and can be installed in various locations and spaces. A total of 999 rotary wings with a diameter of 58cm can be connected to realize a large-scale HD-quality image. Features of this product are as follows. △ 4GB of internal memory △ HD resolution realization △ 58CM screen size △ Weight 2.8KG △ 24 hours playback △ 1 year free maintenance △ main power supply electric supply 60W △ video support matter MOV, MKV, MP4, MVI, MPEG Uploading video contents to the cloud dedicated to Hypervsn will be remotely managed wirelessly and easy to manage with easy update. When Hypervsn and wireless IP of installation place are connected with WiFi, image contents (brand, logo, and product) are realized in hyper vision with high resolution 3D hologram image. Because Hypervsn operates on a Wi-Fi basis, it can be remotely controlled and managed from any store in the country.

If you use the system, you can expect a good ROI by contributing to the increase of sales by not only impressive campaign but also exposure of publicity sale products. In addition, by using two or more Hypervsn, it is possible to maximize the advertisement effect by applying various presentation techniques such as individual motion or integrated motion using the whole. Content management tools over the wireless Internet can help anyone easily maintain the content they want to promote.

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