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[BEST of ENVEX 2018] Ilseong, was selected as “TOP 5” by NEP certified Vacuum Strong Suction Pump

Ilseong have participated ‘The 40th International Environment Industry and Technology & Green Energy (hereinafter referred to as, ENVEX 2018) from May 30th(Wed) to Jun 1st (Fri) and was selected as ‘BEST of ENVEX 2018’.

Global News Network AVING NEWS has selected and won only 5 companies among the exhibitors based on the results of the on-site coverage. ▲ Ilseong ▲ Royal Precision ▲ Jungwoo E&T ▲ Dong-il Canvas Engineering ▲ Chunsei industry

Ilseong was established in 1984 and has been involved in research and development for many years. The vacuum suction pump, which is certified by Ilsung’s NEP, is a breakthrough product that absorbs 100% liquid even when air enters and does not leave any residual heat, thus reducing loss and environmental pollution.

It can be used irrespective of tank size, solution type and viscosity, such as removal of sludge from high-grade sludge, transfer of heat medium oil, removal of waste water at end-treatment sewage treatment plant, transfer of chemical solution in tanker, removal of moving vehicle tank and sludge and transfer of dairy product.

Meanwhile, ENVEX 2018 is Korea’s largest environmental industrial technology and renewable energy trade exhibition, hosted by KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association), and organized by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), KECO (Korea Environment Corporation), SLC (SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management), KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association and KEIA(Korea Environmental Industry Association). The exhibition is attracting attention as the largest publicity and marketing opportunity for companies to become the leading companies in green growth.

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