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‘Bandi Ball’ of MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd., is Popular in Korea and Overseas as it increases Curiosity and Creativity

MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd. introduces and exports various idea products to overseas buyers every year by commercialising various domestic and foreign idea products and products from a one-person creating company. MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd. is a promising corporation appointed by the Small and Medium Business Administration, winning 2016 Gangwon Star Awards and Gangwon Province Awards. Recently, it adopted a working system of four days a week, which is difficult for small businesses to implement, leading to a business culture of ‘work-and-life balance’ for the well-being of employees.

In addition, ‘’, an online shopping mall run by MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd., recently started to export and import premium idea products for babies and children. Every season, new premium baby products are sold through various online distribution channels, with exclusive contracts for local consumers. Kim Man, a CEO of MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd., said: “In the first half of 2019, we are also planning to launch an offline store with a new concept that has a unique identity of ‘’.”

In particular, Bandi Ball is one of the most popular products at, which is an online shopping mall run by MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd. Bandi Ball is made with a non-toxic PVC material and has two LED modules on both sides. When the LED is impacted, the star signs that are embroidered on the Bandi Ball itself are passed through the walls and ceilings of a dark room and then you can see them as if you were looking at the stars of the night sky. As such, this product can stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. In addition, it is the most popular product among various products as it can be used as a beach volleyball for both children and adults, which can glow itself when they’re playing in the water, since it is 100 % waterproof product.

Bandi Ball, which is currently being sold at the online shopping mall by MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd., has begun exporting to Japan. Bandi Ball is also listed as an idea product in the 2018 Spring catalogue, opening a store at MoMA in New York. Kim Jin, a leader of the business planning team, MK GLOBAL Co., Ltd., talked about their business plan: “We have already received much attention and inquiries from overseas buyers by participating in global exhibitions in Germany, France, Finland, Turkey, and Australia.”

“We plan to introduce a wide range of noctilucent and luminous products within the year, as well as a new concept of baby products. In addition, we plan to release a large number of idea products with the aim of entering into the domestic toy market and exporting them overseas.”, she added.

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