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[LED & OLED EXPO 2018] Green Optics, displayed various kinds of optical lenses

Green Optics participated in ‘International LED & OLED EXPO 2018′ held from Jun. 26th(Tue) to 28th(Thur) at 3th and 4th hall of KINTEX in Iisan and introduced various kinds of optical lenses.

Green Optics, which produces overall optical lenses, conducts its own processes from optical design using light, lighting design, part production, coating, assembly and up to light system analysis and evaluation on their own. Green Optics differentiates itself from other companies by executing all these processes in one company.

(Photo description: Many kinds of lenses. An ‘aspherical lens’ on the rightmost in the back row)

Green Optics produces lenses according to customers’ request. The company has been occupying the upper ranks by producing high-quality lenses in particular areas. One of the lenses that Green Optics use the most is an ‘aspherical lens’. A spherical lens uses multiple lenses to correct aberration which is a disadvantage. An ‘aspherical lens’ has an advantage to correct aberration with only one or two lenses.

Kim Taehun, an assistant Section Manager of global marketing department, Green Optics, said, “we are exporting products of civilian demands mainly to Denmark, and defense products mainly to Israel,” and “we will do our best in exporting our products to Taiwan, the USA, and Japan.” He continued to say, “We will make efforts to develop materials and systems,” and “we are currently in a process to LLO equipment.”

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