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[Int’l Green Car Korea Exhibition Preview] Koam Innovation, plans to exhibit an electronic forklift smart high-speed charger

Koam Innovation will participate in ‘2018 Int’l Green Car Korea Exhibition’ which will be held for 3 days from 5th(Thur.) July to 7th(Sat.) at Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju, and exhibit an electronic forklift smart high-speed charger.

(Photo: Pro Core1 – an electronic forklift high-speed charger, chargeable in 2 hours)

Pro Core, a smart high-speed charger is a logistics innovation device using a high frequency charging technology. The battery replacement system in the current logistics centers and automobile production factories can be replaced by a simple high-speed charger, and has been settled as an industry standard solution in the U.S.A.

The battery replacement system common in Korea has to use two batteries(lead storage battery) worth 5 million won for one forklift due to the limit of a low-cost charger which takes 8 hours. Many companies has been complaining about problems such as high purchase costs of batteries, frequent failures, battery replacement labor, battery fires, and compatibility issues.

(Photo: Pro Core 2 – Hong Yoseop(right), the representative of the company in negotiations to export Pro Core

Hong Yoseop, the representative of the company has been researching a smart high-speed charger solution to replace the current battery replacement system with R&D center of AeroVironment(NASDAQ, AVAV) and R&D center of SeBang Global Battery. The Pro Core, which can charge a forklift in 2 hours can save the cost of one battery for 2 forklifts and make the battery life longer from 3 or 4 hours for now to 5 or 6 hours. Using Rx™, a battery monitoring sensor battery with a charger and battery communication function, it extends the battery running time and senses the failure problems in advance to dramatically increase the rate of operation of forklifts, which had made it be the standard in MHE industry in the U.S.A and Germany.

The Pro Core, a smart high-speed charger which is supplied to global corporations including Amazon, FedEx, DHL, Coca cola, Ford Motor, GM, Delta Air Lines, Del Monte Corporation, and etc., enables its users to check the state of the charger and battery in real time on their smart phone, which ensures the efficiency of fire prevention and data management. The Pro Core will be introduced at the Int’l Green Car Korea Exhibition in Gwangju, and a two-month use event for the smart high-speed charger will be held.

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