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[Preview of International Green Car Exhibition] Koam Innovation to Present Smart Rapid Charger of Electronic Forklift

Koam Innovation will be presenting smart rapid charger of electric forklift ‘Pro Core™’ by participating in GREEN CAR KOREA 2018 that is held for 3 days from Thusrday, July 5 to Saturday, July 7 at Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju.

(Photo: Pro Core 1_ Smart rapid charger of electric forklift ‘Pro Core, which can be recharged within 2 hours)

Smart rapid charger Pro Core is an innovative logistics device using high frequency charging technology. Pro Core can replace a battery replacement system used in the existing logistics center and automobile production factory with a convenient rapid charger, and became the U.S. industrial standard solution.

Due to the limitation of a low-cost charger which takes 8 hours for recharging, the battery replacement system that is widely spread in Korea, two batteries (lead storage battery) equivalent to 5 million KRW are replaced per forklift. Many companies have expressed concerns over the high purchasing cost of battery, frequent breakdowns, personnel cost for battery replacement, battery fire, and compatibility.

(Photo: Pro Core2_CEO Yo-seob Hong is discussing the export of Pro Core (right)

CEO Yo-seob Hong has researched a smart rapid charging solution to substitute a battery replacement system with the R&D centers of AeroVironment (NASDAQ AVAV) and Sebang Global Battery. Pro Core, which can charge an electronic forklift within 2 hours, can reduce the battery investment costs needed per forklift from two to one unit, and increase the existing battery lifespan from 3~4 years to 5~6 years. Using battery monitoring sensor Rx™ which enables communication between the charger and battery, it enhances the battery operating hours and detects breakdown issues in advance, dramatically rAI sing the operation rate of forklift. It has become an industrial standard of the U.S. and Germany MHE.

Smart rapid charger Pro Core, which is supplied to global companies such as Amazon, FedEx, Coca Cola, DHL, Ford Motor, GM, Delta AI rlines, Delmont, etc. prevents fire and guarantees the efficiency of data management as it is the first technology in the world to check the status of charger and battery in real-time on smart phone. Pro Core will be introduced in Gwangju Green Car Korea 2018 and plans to carry out a free 2-monht trial event to use the smart rapid charger.

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