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[START UP IR] G’Spin Launches Easy to Breathe ‘Natural Breathing Yellow Dust Mask’

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The fine dust conditions in Korea were so bad that ‘fine dust’ was the number 1 search item on ‘Google Korea’ in the first half of the year. As a result, Gwangju Institute of Science of Technology’s technology investment company, G’Spin, launched ‘Natural Breathing Yellow Dust Mask’, an easy to breathe mask.

The Natural Breathing Yellow Dust Mask uses net-structured electret filters which are finer than fine particles, but allows airflow, which prevents yellow dust and fine dust from passing through and purifies the air that enters.

Jung Byeongjoo, the CEO of G’Spin says, “Our company possesses functional polymeric material source technology, electrospinning suitable solution manufacturing technology, electrospinning equipment designing and setting technology, and functional 3D nano-structured polymer manufacturing technology” and that, “the current seed business produces and sells fine dust blocking mask OEM”.

He continued to say that, “tightness is important for fine dust masks”, saying that “our company designed the mask design to be suitable for the average Korean face shape to increase tightness and improve wearability”. He showed pride saying, “the company replaced the mask filter from electret micro-diameter filters to nano-diameter filters which improved protection and permeability to make the mask more comfortable to breathe in, making it currently lead the fine dust mask market.”

G’Spin added an antibiotic and harmful VOC protection function to the mask by applying functional nano-fibers, a strength of the company. In addition, G’Spin is able to supply enough nano-fiber to secure competitiveness within the industry, giving it the ability to create masks superior in quality to existing masks and competitive pricing.

G’Spin is a 1 step mask business roadmap, receiving KF80, KF94 mask item licenses from the KFDA for the design of masks suitable for Korean faces, and is selling under the brand name of ‘Natural Breathing’. Prototypes of modules have been produced, and are in the demonstration process for the mass production of functional nano-fibers.

CEO Jung says, “G’Spin wishes to lead the synergistic growth of the nano market by supplying small quantities of various nano-fibers to other research companies in the applied nano field,” and revealed that “as a social enterprise, G’Spin will provide products and services that will improve the lives of members in the small scale, and people around the globe in the big scale.”

Meanwhile, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology is an organ established to nurture people talented in advanced science and technology, to promote cooperative research between the industry and educational research exchanges between foreign nations, and to contribute to national science technology and balanced regional development. With the vision of ‘Cradling creative science and technology of the future’, it is carrying out plans to establish a global campus with global competitiveness, to propose a revolutionary research model through the integration of the global joint cooperative research and the department, and to cultivate youth start-ups to create national growth. The IR pitching video created through the support of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology is one of the projects to successfully attract investment for superior startup companies.

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