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Robots as smart home appliances ‘2018 Gwangju Int’l IoT·APPLIANCE·ROBOT Fair’ opening at Kim Dae-jung Convention Center on 5th

Gwangju Int’l IoT·APPLIANCE·ROBOT Fair’ which has been 11th opening this year, was opened today(5th) at Kim Dae-jung Convention Center in Gwangju.

This exhibition hosted by Gwangju and sponsored by Kim Dae-jung Convention Center is an international exhibition where advanced technologies and products are introduced such as IoT, ICT, advanced robots and etc. that will lead the 4th industrial revolution.

Samsung Electronics shows ‘IoT Smart Home Promotion Hall’, which embodies the future smart home in 4 sections such as the entrance hall, the kitchen, the living room, and the Bixby AI home appliance zone. With an introduction of a professional promotor, it suggests a new direction in energy saving, safety and provision of link service, and exhibits product families that can be used in our real life such as an AI air conditioner that operates itself before a user feels inconvenience and a Bixby washing machine that is smart enough to operate itself on schedule.

Especially, it is possible to experience the innovative technology of Gwangju by exhibiting the finished products that used the individual brands of companies mixed with Gwangju co-brand which has been developed jointly by excellent 18 local small and medium-sized enterprises selected this year.

People can check company products based on technologies that will lead the fourth industrial revolution such as VR, AI, IoT, digital signage and big data in the ICT promotion hall of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency participated in by promising 24 ICT companies in DaeJeon.

Along with it, there will be a lot of various professional and industrial robots on display such as an underwater robot of Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology and Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering which is hard to see in our real life, a light work ROV for underwater construction(unmanned submersible for development and exploration for deep sources, controlled by a remote control), a multicopter fixed wing compound drone of Korea Aerospace Research Institute, drones for agriculture and catastrophe(Cheonpung, Nalda, Marinerobotics) promoted at Jeonnam Techno Park, and ultra-light flying devices.

In the ‘Service Robot Special Hall’ prepared for the first time this year, an AI-based service(guidance) robot named ‘Miraro’ will help guide VIPs at the opening hall. Besides that, other many robot will be exhibited for information guidance, conversations, photo shooting, and singing songs.

Above these robots, there will be many business events including ‘Global Business export consultation’ for 40 buyers from 13 countries in Europe, Russia, India and etc.

In addition, many experience events will be opened such as the fourth industrial revolution forum, the Bitgoeul robot festival for the youth, the drone competitive exhibition, making my own mood light with 3D printing, roller coaster VR experience, coding and play coding education.

The person interested of Gwangju said, “Gwangju is a production city and a cultural arts city with large companies such as Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, Dayou, Autech Carrier and etc., and small and medium-sized companies such as Gwangju co-brand and etc. dotted around the city,” and “we will continue to do our best to secure the motive for growth of the fourth industrial revolution such as eco-friendly cars, smart appliances, and robots.”

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