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[KITAS 2018] Kitten Planet, selected as ‘BEST of KITAS 2018’ by ‘Avingnews’, the Korean global news network

While Kitten Planet was participating in ‘the 8th Korea Smart Device Trade Show(KITAS 2018)’ held in D hall of COEX in Samsung-dong from 14th(Sat.) July to 16th(Mon.), Kitten Planet was selected as the TOP 5 of the ‘BEST of KIATS 2018’.

In this exhibition, Chinese representative IT/Tech medium ‘Sohu’, Japanese smart device and tech web magazine ‘Pronews’, Japanese No. 1 smart device medium ‘ASCII’, Vietnamese national news agency ‘Vietnam Plus’ and Korean global news network ‘Avingnews’, participated and selected 5 companies, one Korean outstanding company for each. Based on marketability, price, possibility of global market entry and on-site response, the selected companies as ‘Best of KITAS 2018, Chosen by Global Media’ are as follows.

▲Sohu(China)_TLI▲Pronews(Japan)_INNOIO ▲ASCII(Japan)_WISEJET  ▲Vietnam Plus(Vietnam)_Monit ▲Avingnews_Kitten Planet

Kitten Planet is a startup that was established to conduct childhood education in a new perspective through the C-Lab project of Samsung Electronics. The company aims to provide a service understanding behaviors of children and worries of mothers, and its main customers are parents with children between 5 and 10 years old. The key technologies of the company are mobile video analysis(augmented reality) technology and sensor data analysis technology(motion sensing).

‘Brush Monster’ presented by Kitten Planet at this exhibition is the product with AR technology applied to tooth-brushing education for the first time in the world. It is a new-concept tooth-brushing education service and smart toothbrush that a smart phone becomes a magic mirror which leads children to learning the correct way to brush their teeth following the guidance which shows on their faces. The front camera on a smart phone tracks the position of the teeth based on the eye, nose and mouth of a child in real time, and an augmented reality toothbrush shows where and how to brush directly, which helps children brush their teeth themselves as its guidance.

The Brush Monster Smart Toothbrush, which is easily connectible with its app by Bluetooth technology, recognizes the tooth-brushing motion of a child by an equipped motion sensor, analyzes the motion and sends the tooth-brushing result of 16 teeth to the parents as a dental report. The parents, through the dental report, can check whether their child did brush the teeth appropriately or not easily and accurately rather than checking it with their own eyes, so they can help their children have the tooth-brushing habit and brush their teeth by themselves. When children finish brushing their teeth as guided, they can rescue the character and receive a character sticker. The children can take a selfie with the character sticker. They can collect one monster and stars up to 3 a day, and cheese, cherry and soda monsters appear in many themes.

Choi Sujeong, an employee of Brush Monster said, “The Brush Monster app has been currently released in Android and iOS markets of 137 countries,” and “after its release, it has been ranked top out of other many tooth-brushing apps in Google Play.” She also mentioned, “It has been selected in ‘the Korea mobile award 2018’,” and “the smart toothbrush that can be linked to its app has been on sale in Korea and exported to 8 countries.”

Meanwhile, the KITAS exhibition is an exhibition specialized in smart devices which can use connected with other smart devices. At this exhibition, products in many areas have introduced such as IoT(Internet of Things) devices that have recently become an issue, smart mobility, smart health care devices, all kinds of mobile accessories, and PC peripheral devices.

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