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[START UP IR] NTFTECH Launched ‘LED Headlamp Radiating Device Module’ which Extends the Lifespan of Lightening Efficiency

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Due to LED heat used as the light source of LED headlamp, efficiency and lifespan are decreasing rapidly. A product that can solve this problem has drawing attention since its launch.

Selected in 2017 Startup Great Jump Package Support Project by Startup Promotion Center of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, ‘NTFTECH’ developed an LED headlamp radiating device module that increases the efficiency and lifespan of lamp. Curiosities toward the company and product were organized in Q&A form through an interview with CEO Moo-yeon Lee a NTFTECH, who is now steadily expanding the range of business after the module launch.

(Photo: CEO Moo-yeon Lee of NTFTECH)

Q: Could you introduce about your company to us?
A: NTFTECH is a company that develops LED radiating module, a core radiating device in a headlamp which acts as eyes when an automobile is driving.

Q: Could you talk about the composition of core human resources that are leading the company?

A: NTFTECH consists of three divisions which are ‘Research Division’ to conduct R&D, ‘Management Division’ which assess the performance and quality of products developed, and ‘Sales Division’ which sells products developed to companies, individuals, and government institutions.

Q: What is the product/service/solution/technology to introduce?
A: A radiating system consists of 3 parts which are the ‘Optical part’ of LED headlamp that emits light, ‘Radiation part’ to effectively emit heat generated from LED, and ‘Control part that can actively control current amount or optical amount depending on the external environment or operational conditions of headlamp. Our product is built-in with a ‘micro heatsink’ that we’ve developed with an independent patent and contains a heat-transfer catalyst that can increase radiating efficiency. Since this product is used in a completely closed state, it can minimize leakage or problems due to malfunction.

Q: How is it differentiated from other companies?
A: We’ve reduced the price of headlamp by 20% at least to 50% at most and have realized a technology that enhanced the optical, radiation, and durability of automobile headlamp by about 20%, which are the most important for performance,

Q: What are the specific achievements you’ve made so far?
A: We are applying and registering 3~4 patents on the related technologies while growing 100% every year and have applied and registered 20 patents so far. In addition, we even expanded into e-mobility business such as electrical scooters in 2016, supplying 400 headlamps for electrical scooters since then. The amount of supply is increasing steadily.

Q: Are there any issues of partnership and investment you are discussing?
A: I’ve been receiving emails on many needs and requirements for technology from highly populated countries and emerging nations such as Vietnam and China.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: While our domestic sales have mainly targeted companies so far, we plan to expand our business to individuals who need such technology and product and adopt online shopping malls or e-commerce system. We also plan to establish local branches or factories to maximize our overseas export.

Q: Finally, what is the ultimate vision/goal pursued by your company?

A: We seek to secure technology that can actively respond to any environmental changes. In supplying headlamps that act as eyes in all means of transportation such as automobile or e-Mobility, our goal is to supply 3M products that can realize cheaper, longer, and lighter products.

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