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[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Sungsan Tech to present OEM Production Printer which boasts High Durability

Sungsan Tech (CEO Woon-chul Yang) will participate in K-PRINT 2018 held in KINTEX from Wednesday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1 and present its OEM production printer ‘WJPS-350’, ‘WJLZ-350’, ‘WJJM-350’, and ‘DHF2-520’ as well as its Label CTP ‘ST-F670’ and developing machine.

(Photo: Sungsan Tech’s ‘WJPS-350’)

Sungsan Tech is a company that supplies imported products from China such as offset label printer, resin plate printer, flexo printer, high speed blanking device, etc. to the domestic market. Such industrial printers are distributed to the domestic market after the company signs supply contracts with different manufacturers in China.

‘WJPS-350’, which will be presented in this exhibition, is a PS-plate intermittent rotary label printer equipped with LED UV, automatic lubrication, automatic registration and CPU control system. ‘WJLZ-350’, a resin plate intermittent and rotary label printer also features a motor system as well as pressure controlling device and a special fabric printing function.

(Photo: Sungsan Tech’s ‘WJLZ-350’)

Next, ‘WJJM-350’ is an intermittent, rotary high-speed blanking device designed in a module-type and by including various functions such as slitter, sheet cut, and plasten blanking. A flexo printer called ‘DHF2-520’ is easy to operate and has a short setting time. With a shoulder steel support structure of printing cylinder, it enables stable and precise printing. ‘ST-F670’ is a CTB for resin plate, PS plate, flexo plate and label, and packaging printing. It improved printing quality by digitalizing the traditional printing method.

Meanwhile, K-PRINT 2018 is generating high value-added contents and presenting total marketing solutions through cooperation with related industries instead of merely exhibiting items. During this exhibition, it is expected to provide a differentiated business environment with marketing activities through various promotional channels.

(Photo: Sungsan Tech’s ‘WJJM-350’)

(Photo: Sungsan Tech’s ‘DHF2-520’)

(Photo: Sungsan Tech’s Label CTP ‘ST-F670’)

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