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[START UP IR] EO Korea’s‘Cosmeceutical’ Brand made of Dermatology Treatment Ingredients

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‘Cosmeceutical’ is a combination of cosmetics and medical ingredients with verified efficacy. Its brand been greatly trusted by young consumers who are sensitive to skin. ‘EO Korea’, a cosmetics manufacturing and distributor that is being supported by the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, is communicating with various customers in Korean and overseas duty-free stores by focusing on cosmeceutical products. We organized our questions on the company and product in Q&As through an interview with CEO Seung-mi Lim of EO Korea.

(Photo: CEO Seung-mi Lim of EO Korea)

Q: Could you introduce about your company to us?
A: EO Korea is a company that produces and distributes cosmetics. Its subsidiary Dr. HEALUX Beauty Bank is a skin care clinic with directly-operated 25 branches.

Q: What is the product/service/solution/technology you are introducing to us?
A: EO Korea’s main product is cosmetics made of raw ingredients for dermatologist treatment. We mainly used EGF as the main ingredient and have also released the next product series using peptide as the main ingredient. A recently emerging product is ‘Solid in Oil’, which was launched this year. The core is penetrating technology as we adopted insulin patch, ‘which diabetes patients can put on’, into cosmetics. It is drawing attention of many people as it is the first cosmeceutical product in Korea.

Q: What are the specific achievements you’ve made so far?
A: We’ve already been exporting EGF cosmetics brand named Dr. HEALUX to Japan since 10 years ago when we were only a small private business, and have already entered an agreement in Thailand and thus have been exporting items.

Q: Are there any issues of partnership and investment you are discussing?
A: We are already found in most duty-free stores in Korea, and are about to sign a contract in S Duty Free, the biggest duty-free store in Korea and abroad.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: We already acquired Chinese’s Hygiene Certificate in 2017, so plan to actively export our products to China.

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