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DATAKING Releases 360˚VR3D Editor, ‘360Hexagon’, which can be used by anyone

Big data space service provider Dataking, which is located in the Smart Content Center in Anyang, has released an editing program called ‘360Hexagon’ on the 20th, which allows users to turn panoramic images into 360˚VR content.

360Hexagon is an editing tool that can be used on web browsers, such as Edge or Chrome, without requiring program installation, and users are able to edit 3D objects onto panorama images just by logging in. Once you upload the 360˚ image in the Editor Page, you are able to easily connect scenes through stitching, compose 3D objects, insert information tags, and edit in other ways, without requiring professional knowledge.

Not only does the 3D VR editing program, that has recently been released, stably link 2D images, 3D objects, text, audio, videos, and other templates through various tagging functions, but it also uses various forms of data to convey information in a multi-dimensional way. 360Hexagon has been equipped with HeatMap, a big data analysis technology, which allows users to compile visual data and tracks the VR space tour user’s movement path to show the user’s path and preferred locations in a visualized image.

Another distinct characteristic of 360Hexagon is how 3D objects can be freely composed into the background space. If 3D artifact data are uploaded to the 3D 360˚ museum background, you could create your own virtual museum.

VR space tours were also made to be possible without additional plug in downloads, through code link. Once 360˚ images are uploaded, tags added, edited, and saved in the Editor Page, the user’s projects can be shared with others using only one link.

An Dataking spokesman has stated, “The 3D content market has been growing at a yearly rate of 6.8% recently, and as the scale grows, we are continuing research and development in the 3D content field to possess competitiveness, not only in Korea, but globally as well.” He revealed that, “we were able to sign partnerships with Microsoft and other global companies, with our background of competing in the content market, that continues to grow more competitive, based on our independent technology.”

Dataking possesses independent 360˚VR technology and multiple patents of big data technology, and is a K-global 300 venture company that mainly works with 360˚VR technology based virtual exhibitions, and on the map based 360˚ video sharing community platform.

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