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[MIK 2018] SungJi T&M Attracts Attention of Vietnamese Buyers and Overseas Media with Convenient and Beautiful ‘Jello Jello’ Gel Nail Stickers

On August 23rd (Thurs), SungJi T&M showcased Gel Pedi Strips from gel nail sticker brand ‘Jello Jello’, at the MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Party in the K Hotel in Yangjae, and succeeded in garnering attention from Vietnamese buyers and overseas media.

As the nail art industry spreads globally, the niche for nail art in Vietnam grows as well. Following these trends, SungJi T&M introduced Gel Nail, Gel Pedi Strips from gen nail sticker brand ‘Jello Jello’, and gained the attention of Vietnamese buyers and beauty related media.

‘Jello Jello’s Gel Nail, Gel Pedi Strips are able to show various designs by using UV gel utilizing strip base, color, top, gemstones, and 3D parts effects to show dimension through multiple layers, and can be put on or taken off anytime and anywhere. It also boasts various designs, sizes, glass-like polish which looks like gel nails, and firm adhesiveness, which makes it highly likely to become popular in Korean and in the Vietnamese industry.

SungJi T&M’s ‘Jello Jello’ has secured a polish patent, and with beauty MDs and nail artists from Korea and abroad with plenty of experience involved in product development, the development of color, design, and country specific products are expected to give the company a competitive edge.

SungJi T&M officials said, “’Jello Jello’s gel nail stickers can shorten the complex and long process in gel nail art to 2 minutes, allowing them to be used conveniently anywhere and at anytime,” and shared that, “the company will release products to match the demands of the consumers in order to develop into a company capable of satisfying the global masses.”

Meanwhile, this event was hosted by global news network ‘Aving News’, a media partner of 100 exhibitions ever year and of MWC and IFA, one of the world’s top 3 IT/Tech/home appliances fair, and was jointly organized by Vietnam’s state-owned media Vietnam Plus, fandom-based video platform SEESO, China’s first IT portal YESKY, and influencer marketing platform ASIX.

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