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Creators of Million Dollar Selling Solar Paper Launch SunMade Cheese on Kickstarter

YOLK, the solar company known for its million-dollar-selling Solar Paper on Kickstarter, launched its new SunMade Cheese project. The practical objet d’art comes with a solar panel shaped like a cheese plate and solar powered accessories that demonstrate how everyone can beautifully incorporate solar into our everyday lives.

The product may sound quirky – and it is – but with Sunmade Cheese YOLK has created a playful, functional, and high-brow project that combines the utility of solar panels with one of their favorite bovine-divined products, cheese.

“The SunMade Cheese project is more about enjoying solar power and promoting education for solar technology, but the Solar Cow is really a lifeline for people. They are two projects for two different perspectives, but combined in one initiative.” said YOLK CEO Sen.

The cheese plate that serves SunMade Cheese’s base is a gently curving oval. Transforming it from a decorative plate into a high-tech solar panel is as simple as flipping it over. The panel can generate 5 volts at 1.2 amps — enough power to charge a smartphone at the same speed as a conventional wall charger.

The top-side, opposite the solar panel, features a non-detachable piece of brie cheese, the USBrie, equipped with a USB port and customized power bank connector. The milk bottle power bank, the Solar Milk, directly connects to a port inside the brie cheese and doubles as an adjustable tilt stand.

Connection holes allow SunMade Cheese to attach to a window or messenger bag.

SunMade Cheese is more than just a solar panel. It hosts a potpourri of realistic cheeses designed to practically and easily incorporate solar power into our everyday lives.

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