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[MIK 2018] Smart Berry, Showcases ‘USB Charging Cable’ Digital Accessory

On August 23rd (Thurs), Smart Berry (CEO Younggil Yoo), showcased the ‘USB Charging Cable’ at the MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Party in the K Hotel in Yangjae.

(Photo: CEO Younggil Yoo explaining the characteristics of the USB Charging Cable)

Smart Berry, which receives support from the Changwon Industry Promotion Agency, develops items necessary for digital users, such as the ‘USB Charging Cable’, and various other smart accessory related products.

The USB Charging Cable is a Korean product equipped with a USB device which is suitable for the global standard, as well as high-quality cables, and the company has plans to create partnerships with Apple Store, Department Stores, and other distributors, to expand their global market.

CEO Youngil Yoo has said, “Smart Berry’s USB Charging Cable is a product essential for charging digital equipment. Based on years of know-how, technical prowess, and the use of a USB connector suitable for the global standard, improved safety and allows for high-speed charging.

He continued saying, “I am sure the fast data transfer speed will entice consumers to purchase the item. We plan to strengthen the domestic market and expand into the European and Japanese market through active marketing.”

(Photo:  The USB Charging Cable developed by Smart Berry is equipped with high quality cables, USB devices suitable to the global standard, and is produced in Korea)

Meanwhile, this event was hosted by global news network ‘Aving News’, a media partner of 100 exhibitions ever year and of MWC and IFA, one of the world’s top 3 IT/Tech/home appliances fair, and was jointly organized by Vietnam’s state-owned media Vietnam Plus, fandom-based video platform SEESO, China’s first IT portal YESKY, and influencer marketing platform ASIX.



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