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[K-PRINT 2018] Domino Korea Introduced ‘Domino N610i’ Digital Label Press which is built with Flexo Productivity and Digital Technology

Domino Korea participated in ‘K-PRINT 2018’ held in KINTEX from Wednesday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1 and presented ‘Domino N610i’ digital label press, which is built with Ffexo productivity and digital technology.

‘Domino N610i’, which Domino Korea presented as the main item for this exhibition can wash all printing heads within 1 minute and maintains a consistent temperature with an ink circulation system to realize high-quality printing, and is equipped with a micro motor technology.

‘Domino N610i’, which can realize a maximum of 7-degrees color printing and 600dpi resolution by including white ink, boasts a speed of 75m per minute and is easy and fast to change jobs, so it is great for large production and small quantity batch production. Based on this technology, ‘Domino N610i’ seeks to reduce the burdensome overtime and production cost of existing printing while increasing sales growth and sales profit rate, in order to be selected by many consumers within the industry.

A Domino Korea insider explained that “As it uses UV hardening ink, ‘Domino N610i’ can be applied in a wide range such as coating labels, PP/PE labels, and even regular adhesive labels. It is expected to be used actively in various fields such as general industries, living necessities, lottery, bond, automobiles, and chemical products.

Meanwhile, K-PRINT 2018 has been producing high added-value contents and presenting total marketing solutions through cooperation with related industries, rather than merely displaying items. This exhibition provides a differentiated business environment through marketing activities and various promotional channels.

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