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[K-PRINT 2018] Jisung Machine presented Fast and Accurate Laser Cutter ‘JS-LC-450’ and Small Laminator ‘JS-DC-640’

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Jisung Machine participated in ‘K-PRINT 2018’ held in KINTEX from Wednesday, August 29 to Saturday, September 1 and presented fast and accurate laser cutter ‘JS-LC-450’ and small laminator ‘JS-DC-640’.

Specialized in producing and selling only paper and film laminators, Jiisung Machine has achieved quality innovation based on onsite experiences and accumulated know-hows. It has been recognized for its product excellence in the Korean market and abroad by exporting its products everywhere in the world.

Jisung Machine’s laser cutter ‘JS-LC-450’ produces various patterns in high completion by discharging an accurate laser beam in an elaborate vertical laser cutting method, boasting high speed and productivity. It is user-friendly as it has functions such as compact design, easy setting and operation, power saving, laser height automatic control, etc.

Jisung Machine’s small laminator ROBUSTO ‘JS-DC-640’ is compact, with an elaborate rectangular press die cutting method. It expresses high-performance gild fast and precisely, and has a neat outer look and highly simplified system.

Meanwhile, K-PRINT 2018 has been producing high added-value contents and presenting total marketing solutions through cooperation with related industries, rather than merely displaying items. This exhibition provides a differentiated business environment through marketing activities and various promotional channels.

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